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The Top Five Worst Women To Be In A Relationship With

Well, I was asked, and I deliver so to speak. Even though I don’t post the letters of questions I receive from women, I still answer back. And I read these letters seeing how women answer their own questions, to why they have relationship problems. I knew if I wrote this article that I would be label as a “pick me” and that not even the case. I’m far from a “pick me” but I have observed certain behavior where I knew why these women were still single. This list is not only for my readers, writing this made me look at some of my actions as well in what areas I need to work on as I continue to grow as a woman. Before I wrote this, I had to ask 5 men, and these were the women they chose who gave them hell. Yes, I’m aware that some of these actions were fueled by the hand of men who let them down and broke their heart. But it's no point to carry that into your next relationship. Like I always say you don’t have to agree with me, but it has to be written. So, here are the top five worst women to be in a relationship with.

This woman thinks that somehow, this relationship is all about her. This kind of woman believes that her way of thinking is the only logical way of thinking. She's very closed minded and when you try to talk to her, she shut you down and doesn’t like to have a conversation until she is ready to. At first, you try to look past her nasty ways of how she belittle you and talk to you like a child. Even ignoring your friends and families when they tell to leave her alone. However, as time grows you grow tired of her ways and actions to the point where you two just argue at the sight of each other. Men love a woman who will challenge them, while you do the same for her. But it a difference between being challenged and dealing with a bitch. So, end the relationship before it emotionally destroys you.

We all struggle with insecurities, but some people are more driven by it than others. This kind of woman has a loving heart and spirit, but she always seeks validation from you or anyone she around. She loves attention and seeks compliments, every time you two step out. Therefore, even after receiving the compliments she wanted she constantly talking negatively about herself and her flaws. Every time a woman makes small talk or just say “hi” to you she accused you of knowing that woman and sleeping with her. Of course, she claim that her actions is because you don’t give her enough attention or make time for her.  However, as you try to be there and give her the attention she seeks it’s still not enough for her. She is solely relying on you for her self-worth, it can be a dangerous game which she will place blame towards you if and when the relationship ends. Until she learned to fully trust herself and love herself she’s not ready for a relationship. So, just leave her alone before you get into deep.

Just like "the one-way woman," this woman will try to control your entire life. She’ll have an opinion about how you should spend your money, how you should live your life, and how you should change your personality. The thing about this woman is she’s simply a control-freak. The reason she seek to control you is because she feels like she has no control in some area of her life, and so she takes it out on her relationship. This habit takes a lot of time to fix, and when you offer to help her she take offense and accused you of trying to control her. She swears she will change her ways, but she never keeps her promise. She feels like if you love her, then you should accept her controlling ways. So, step away from this relationship, and give her the time she needs to learn and grow as a woman.

She lives for drama. Every time you speak to her she has drama with her family, drama with her best friend, and always have drama at work. This woman is characterized by drama everywhere she goes. She always feels like she been wronged, and she will tell you all about it. But the drama isn’t necessarily the problem with her, the problem is her underlying belief that it’s everyone else’s fault and not hers. When you bring this to her attention she always believes that you’re the problem, and not her. The blame-game she plays will quickly become a part of the relationship, to the point you will want nothing to do with her. This kind of woman to be avoided because she doesn’t understand the meaning of taking ownership of her life and actions.

I always say that a man is never prepared for the day he meets his equal. An alpha woman will take your heart on a ride, because she doesn’t really know what she wants but she knows that she is not ready to be tied down. One moment she’s into you, and the other moment she’s confused and wants to take a step back from the relationship. As you longed to get close to her, this internal struggle she has with commitment is not going to be resolved any time soon. You not used to seeing a woman who knows your game better than you know it. You used to having all the right cards, but now all your cards are in her hands, and the shoe is now on the other foot. You’re used to having control. Knowing when to leave the woman and knowing when to stay. So, to see this woman in action playing your game makes you fall for her even more. And the deeper you fall for her, the more she pulled away. This woman will leave a mark on him that will forever shape his views on his future relationships. because she not ready to settle down but enjoyed a company of a man. This woman is a man karma for every woman he wronged in the past. He never really knew the pain he reflected, on many women. So, this woman came into his life to show him what his actions done to the many women he hurt before her. But even if you didn’t hurt anyone (in your mind) this woman is a force to be mess with. So, do yourself a favor and leave this woman alone before you are left heartbroken.

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Good read....
I've displayed character traits of each personality trait!
Not sure I agree with the characterization but I am certain the men you interviewed thought it was quite accurate. I would say that on any given day and depending on the man involved, will display some of those characteristics at some time or another. Women are no one dimensional. Good article. Very controversial.
LaToya said…
Whew Chile! This was a good read! Thank you for sharing!

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