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The Top 5 Men to Avoid When Looking For a Relationship..

Writing these past few months has been hard for me. the words would flow, but in the middle of the article the story stop. But today I chose to share a story with you guys. When it come to the game of love everyone deserve a fair chance. Dating is a very good learning experience. You find out what you like and don’t like in potential mates, and you also get to know about yourself. The search for love can be frustrating at time, and sometimes, you'll find yourself wanting to overlook certain qualities in order to finally end the search. But, as someone who dated my fair share of men, trust me when I say that no matter how you try to look past it; it will always a thought in your mind if you made the right choice. Nonetheless, here I am back to share with you the worst type of men to date. Now, men will disagree with this list but seeing that a lot of women didn’t have any success with shooting their shot this summer I see that this list is needed. Therefore, here is my top five worst men to date.

Mr. Big AKA The Commitment-Phobe
If you watched “Sex & The City” then you know who Mr. Big is. he was less egregious than the others. Still, he emotionally fuck carrie up. This guy usually has it all together; he's mature and wise. He treats you like a queen and have your mind doing flips after every conversation. And, you want so badly for that to be enough, but you are constantly craving more from him. It’s like pulling teeth to get him to talk about the future. He’s happy where you both are, so why would we want to ruin that? Is the answer he pulled out of his hat when you asked where the relationship is going, and in which leave you feeling guilty for even asking. He never talk about being together or even marriage, even after more than a year or two of dating. He enjoy your company and having someone to spend time his with when he wants it; other than that, your lives are pretty separate. He doesn’t try to open up and share his feeling and when he do he’s quickly to take back what he said. It just best to stay away before you become an emotional wreck.

The Conscious Brother AKA The Hotep
It many benefits of dating a conscious man. You can grow as an individual and gain a great deal of knowledge from him. However, on the other hand he can the biggest waste of your time. Now, let be clear some conscious men are serious about their love for black women. However, most of them used their so-called love of black women just to get into their pants. I have heard from countless women where they thought that this guy was the one, when in reality he just wanted her yoni. The conscious man is not perfect; he is in progress. He is dedicated to exploring what festers in the hidden corners of his habits, his feelings, and his patterns. And while on that journey he may seek a relationship, but if he’s focus and serious about his journey then he won’t be the guy for you until he’s done. So, when comes to a conscious man it a toss-up. Therefore, it best to stay away until he’s finish on his journey.
Casper the Ghost
Now, let be honest no one want to be under someone all the time. At time, space is the best thing for a relationship. Especially if you’re just freshly start dating, the last thing you want is burn out the fire before the blaze begin. However, it’s a big difference between space and ghosting. Even if you're keeping things at a reasonable pace for the first few weeks and months, if you see him less and less; and you just started dating then it definitely something going on. In his own way he's basically saying that he can't make you a priority right now or he plain isn’t into you as much as you thought. Whether that's because his feelings aren't strong enough for you or his schedule is too packed, before you get into to deep you should run, not walk, RUN.
The Potential Man
I’m all for a man with a vision. A man that knows what his plans are in the next 10, or 20 years is a great catch. It nothing like a man that knows what he wants and ready to do the work to go after it. But there are go-getters, and dreamers. Yes, I’m aware that all achievements start off as a dream. But it’s easy to talk about a plan, then to actually go after it. And dating a man with potential is usually a man that is all talk and no actions. Trust I have dated a man with potential, and it went nowhere quickly. Potential can be one of the most dangerous things to depend on when dating or in a relationship. It seems women have gone out on a limb for men they liked who might not have had it all together. Life is unpredictable and can be filled with more curves balls than a baseball game. Dating a man with potential can be problematic if a woman isn’t able to see past it. Potential can blind a woman of the red flags that warn this might not be good partner for you. 

Many men are “on their way.” It can take years for a man to build the proper foundation that necessary and many women are fine with working with a man who is working on himself. The problem comes, when women see the potential in men they don’t see in themselves. While the man might be smart and have a plan about what he wants to do with his life, he still has to walk through those steps. Goals without a plan are simply dreams and if a man has the potential to do everything he says he wants to do but takes no actual steps to achieve those goals, it’s very unlikely he’ll ever get to the finish line. Women get trapped pulling on that same lever because they don’t want someone else to benefit from all the hard work they’ve put in. Nonetheless. It best to end it before it begin. 

The Controlling Man
Out of all of my failed relationship, I’m thankful that I’ve never been in a relationship with a controlling or abusive man. Yet, this year in Memphis we lost many angels in the hand of an insecure man. While some women love a man that takes charge, we all know the difference between an alpha male and a psycho. This man constantly makes you feel bad about everything: what you’re wearing, how much makeup you have on, how you do your hair, etc. He belittles your intelligence and questions every idea you have. He doesn’t support you and makes snide comments every time you open your mouth. The Controlling man is someone who is abusive physically and mentally. It's a no-brainer to avoid this man, but some women get in too deep before they even realize he is capable of such an atrocity. You have to constantly pay attention to how he treat other people. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take much for him to show his true colors. If you see early signs of him being controlling, and abusive than it time to not only leave but speak up before he take a life.

Oh, trust when I say it will be a part two, and next time will be for the guy’s.
That is All
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