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When Its Time to Close The Door On A Friendship

Sometimes you realize that it's time to walk away from a friendship, even if you don't know how. Maybe you just grew apart. Or maybe all of the red flags been there and you now believe that you're better off without that person in your life. That's ok, it happens. When it comes to ending unhealthy friendships, whether it's romantic or platonic, there's a right way to do it. Every relationship in our lives (family, friends, or personal) all have a time clock on it. Sometimes we get used to a person actions, that we no longer speak on it. Hell, we even get so used to it that we tune it and them out. However, one day will come that you know it time to say goodbye even if you’ve known that person for years. Time for “Jubo Story time,” back when I was 21 I became very close to this woman. This woman became like a sister to me. I told this woman everything I mean everything, I trusted this woman like she was my family. Until I started to notice a change in her behavi…

When Your Soul is Tied to An Unhealthy Soul

I didn’t think a love could be unhealthy until I met my first love. Like I said before I was young, and dumb I had many chances to shift my focus but chose to focus on the wrong things. But I realize that I needed these mistakes, in order to be the woman I am today. Now, let be clear when it comes to my mistakes in life and love I don’t blame anyone but me. A person will only take full advantage of you if you let them. Sometimes a person can used you, and you won’t fully realize it until it too late. But let be real when it comes to love we all know there are signs when a person doesn’t bring good to your soul. We see them all the time but stay in hope that it will change and get better. However, even when we see that person won’t change their ways we still stay cause a half relationship is better than no relationship (trust I been there). So, that is how an unhealthy soul tie build. I knew that man wasn’t good enough for me, but I didn’t want to be alone. He was only there when he ne…