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Dating In Memphis: Top 5 Places To Meet New People

The hunt for a husband have been high since the royal wedding took place. I have an email full of women asking me where can they find love, like I’m a match maker. But I will share some of my knowledge, however it time to get real. Let be honest how many women can say that their best friend would hook them up with a prince? Better yet, how many women can say that their best friend would hook them up with a good man before they try to holler at him first? Not many I bet. Not saying you don’t have good friends, but number one rule of dating is always to look after yourself first. So, ten out of ten they will try to date the guy first before even telling you about him. Therefore, we see how slick a woman is after you announce your relationship to the world. His followers go from 890 to 1,200 all in a blink of an eye and half of them are your so called Facebook friends that added him behind your back. And once they find out he isn’t a good man THAT when they decide to hook you up with thi…

Aren't We or Are We?: What to Do When A Man Send Mixed Signals

As I was strolling along my social media, I saw a man asked women “how are men to blame for mixed signals?” As I was getting ready to hit him with a list of reason on how they are to blame, I saw an article that hit all on the nail and I want to give her a big up for sharing her story. The story was title “He said I’m Just a Friend” written by "the blogstress", she shared her experience of meeting a guy and everything going left. I will share the story at the bottom of my article. However, in the article she shared how she met this seemly amazing guy; they started off as just friend but he kept sending mixed signals on what he wanted which ultimately led her to cut him off. The thing is a woman doesn’t have a problem with just being friends. It the mixed signals that you men send that the problem. Claiming that we read into everything, which at time can be true. Sometimes we can overthink certain situation when the answer is very obvious. Furthermore, we’re not crazy either …

The Laura Winslow & Steve Urkel Dating System: How Your Type Keep You Single

A woman once told me that “our pussy attracts, what we are attractive too.”At first, I didn’t understand that after all I was just 13 at the time. However, now that I'm older I see her point as clear as day. It a simple question that I hear all the time can your “type” keep you single? Once upon a time I had type, then I fell in love with a man that didn’t fit nothing of what I thought I was looking for. He's my opposite but he makes me very happy and has open my eyes and mind. When I get asked this question I used “family matters” as my example. Yes, I used in my opinion the worst black family sitcom as my example on how your type can keep you single.
If you grew up and watch the show, then you know how it went. Laura Winslow went from Middle School to damn near college shooting down Steve Urkel every chance she could get. Steve Urkel chase after Laura, like he didn’t have Myra standing in his corner. Myra loves Steve but his heart belongs to Laura. Even though he had more in …