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The Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off: Part One

As you know I play for both teams when it comes to relationship advice. I will always hold my women down, but I’m starting to notice somethings and well we got some work to do. Women hit me up every day and they share their stories on how men do them dirty. Now, as you know I always give my full support cause it a lot of dogs out here. But then I get those emails where I see exactly why these women are single and how they answer their own questions. Well I’m back with a list to not judge you but to help you. How can we get better, if you don’t know what you need to work on? These are my simple tips, and hopefully you will still love me after this article. Like I said no woman is perfect, however ladies if you trying to find love then these are the top turn-off that run men away. P.S. these turn-offs came from a list of men on my social media accounts. It was so many turn-off that it will be a second part. So, you noticing some is missing don't worry part two coming soon.

 Bad hygiene
At first, I didn’t even know this was even a problem since we all grown here. Until men shared their stories, on how this is apparently is a big problem (trust I didn’t know either). Bad hygiene is among the top turn offs for guys. Men dislike bad hygiene. They avoid the company of a woman with a bad aroma. If you don’t clean your body, then for sure you are turning your guy off with your unbearable odor (the last thing you want is anyone especially a man to tell you that you smell bad). Always remember that guys crave for fresh breath, and sweet smell of skin. So, avoiding personal hygienic acts will eventually draw your guy away from you. And yes, this also go for the “natural smell” women as well (I know I know).

Social Media Obsessed
I used to think the reason why men didn’t want to be public about the relationship on social media because he had something to hide (which is the case at time). But now I got a better understanding. When I’m in a relationship I’m all for maybe ONE picture every now, and then. And maybe a small post showing my appreciation of him. But then you have those kind of woman that got to post a picture every day of the week. And have to let the whole world know how “amazing” their man is it can be too much. He every well can be amazing as you say, but you have to know when you’re baiting other women in. You think they not curious on how “amazing” he is? Which leave you to be paranoid, after you open this door for this attention. What women have to understand that even in some relationship men still wants some of their freedom. The last thing a man need, is a woman that constantly blowing up on his phone, watching his social media like she the police, and calling him every time a woman leaves a comment under his picture. After you was the one who open this door by being so public about the relationship. You can post pictures all day, but it won’t change what really going on behind closed doors. So, put the phone down, and enjoy your relationship. Trust me when I say the whole world doesn’t need to know about your relationship.

Close minded
It nothing worse than a closed-minded woman. Especially the ones who cry on social media about how men need to “step their game up, and how tired they are of doing the same thing.” And of course the famous line “it’s nothing to do in Memphis.” Just for you to shoot down every idea he has when he approaches you, and ask you out on a date. I’m a woman, and I hate going to the same place over and over again. So, if I feel that way imagine how a man feel. Nobody wants to keep going to the same movie theater, and the same restaurant every time you go out. Just so you can order the same chicken strips and hot wings every time. If you’re serious about trying to find love, then you have to OPEN YOUR DAMN MIND! No man wants a predicable woman. It’s way more to do than to go to Applebee’s, and the Malco Paradiso every weekend.
 Lack of Patience
When it come to this I asked men how “patience” do you want a woman to be? Until one man broke it down to me, and I had to add it on my list. As you know time is never really on our side. Sometimes we want things right now, when we really should be preparing for what to come. Therefore, that how it should be in love and relationship. However, sometimes we be so focus on what we want right now instead of what we need at the current moment. And sometimes love can be just what we want, but is it what we need right now is the question. First and foremost, you should understand the fact that every relationship needs a lot of patience. Patience in relationships means being patient and forgiving of the other person short-comings. Patience is required to deal with your differences and your seeming incompatibilities. We find ourselves losing our patience when we expect a certain level of understanding. And when you dealing with men, you have to give a little bit more patience. How can you expect a man to be patience with you when you not willing to be patience with him? Think about it.
Nasty attitude/Negative woman
Well, I don’t know why I added this some men loves a bitch. Like a woman who loves a man that not easy to tame, they love the challenge. But for those men who loves a mellow minded woman, I made this for you. To think that a person can be happy all day every day is living a lie. Sometimes we have that moment, where we say fuck it and let it all out. But no one wants to be with a person that always negative, and always have a nasty attitude. Always taking out your frustration on a man, that didn’t do anything to you or doesn’t even know why you angry in the first place. A man home is his peace so, if he can’t find peace at home than where can he find peace. Therefore, some of things that you are holding on to just not worth being angry about. And once you open that bitterness and negative all the time you’re opening that door for another woman as well. No man hell anyone doesn’t like to be around a negative ass woman. It’s nothing wrong with getting it off your chest, no one is saying to keep it in. However, know when to cut that shit off and be an adult and talk it out.

That is All
P.S. it will be a part two coming soon
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It's a good list but these habits also turn women off as well. Bad hygiene? Who on earth accepts or wants that. Good article.
R. Alexandria said…
Bad hygiene should be the number one turnoff for anyone!
Well thought out article. ~Smile!
Jason Butler said…
Solid list. Being obsessed with social media is a deal breaker.

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