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The Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off: Part Two

Well, here I am again back with this part two. Now at first, I didn’t think that doing a follow up was a smart idea. But then I sat on it and realize that the truth hurt. For a long time, I hated the truth men would tell me. However, I realize that it wasn’t the truth I hated; it was the fact that it took a man for me to hear the truth. Why did it take a man for me to realize that these was some of the problems that kept me from being happy? As women we don’t have be perfect, but we can’t grow if we are not willing to change. Like I said earlier, when I asked this question I got more answers than I was looking for. Therefore, I knew that I had to do a part two, so we can end this topic once and for all. So, here is the part two of the top 5 things that turn men off.

Lack of Ambitious
Now, this one goes for men as well. We’re living in a time were ownership is important. Having a job where you can grow is nice but owing a business that can get passed down from generations to generations …

The Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off: Part One

As you know I play for both teams when it comes to relationship advice. I will always hold my women down, but I’m starting to notice somethings and well we got some work to do. Women hit me up every day and they share their stories on how men do them dirty. Now, as you know I always give my full support cause it a lot of dogs out here. But then I get those emails where I see exactly why these women are single and how they answer their own questions. Well I’m back with a list to not judge you but to help you. How can we get better, if you don’t know what you need to work on? These are my simple tips, and hopefully you will still love me after this article. Like I said no woman is perfect, however ladies if you trying to find love then these are the top turn-off that run men away. P.S. these turn-offs came from a list of men on my social media accounts. It was so many turn-off that it will be a second part. So, you noticing some is missing don't worry part two coming soon.

Bad hygien…

Why You Can't Settle Being His Second Choice

Back in the day, I used to think that when a person came back in your life after leaving that you were meant to be. Like it was meant to be in the “fourth power”, cause sometimes you have to part ways from a person in order to grow into a lasting relationship. Sometimes that can be true. However, as I come to learn it can also mean that you’re just convenient to that person needs. It’s time for “Jubo Story-time." Back in 2011, I was young and dumb. My focus was on men and if I could go back in time lord knows I would change how I handle a lot of things. However, I can’t live in the past of my mistakes I got to get up and make changes so it won’t happen again. Furthermore, I was working in the airport and it was this guy I was so into to. I remember him like yesterday because he was just physically perfect. He had the most amazing dark skin, 6’5, dreaded, perfect smile, and he was built like a black king that you see in those black paintings. He would always come in my shop and as…

Lady of The Month: Dj Tootz

When I first started blogging back in 2016 that when I first seen these two beautiful young women. I remember seeing the crowd going, wild for the twins. When they got off stage the crowd started was highly upset that when I knew these young queens had a gift. So, I had to asked these young women to represent as my "ladies" of the month for april. When you read this interview, you will see some intelligent lovely women who about to take over the scene.
What kind of men you into and what do you look for in a man? 1. We are both single. The kinda men we are into are laid back. We're outgoing, loud, and eccentric, so we're into someone who is a tad bit chiller than we are. But that doesn't mean we like boring men. Lil Toot broke up with a guy because he way too boring for her. She's definitely the heart breaker out of the two of us.
1a We look for men to be just as independent as we are. We look for respectful men and we look for men that have something going in …