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Amore`Unscripted Review on Dear Son

When it come down to the topic of abortions it will forever be a lose-lose conversation. We talk about the women views on it, but seem to leave out the men and how they feel about abortions. I wrote an article about this topic a few months back and I will share the link to that article at the bottom of this story. While you have some men who will pay for it, and move on like it never happen. What happen when a couple decide to go through the process but later wish for a different outcome? Well this poem touch on that topic. I remember seeing this man performed this poem live, and it touch me in ways that led me to write the article. Well now he’s back with a visual video for the poem “dear son.” Video is below and where you can check out more on the author of the beautiful written poem.

Dear son, I never realized that half of my soul would be so cheap. I’m writing this letter because I never got the chance to say goodbye Truth is when I was 19 - I was a coward willing to overlook the signs of your mother’s pregnancy. I thought it would make it easier to pretend that I was innocent- and not guilty of becoming Trump to your mother's body.... Me- making bad decisions before thinking- Hashtagging my masculinity all along her body's timeline for my families " likes" and approvals My grandad said, "you gotta graduate"- already excusing my actions as if my future was more valuable than hers. As if my graduating to fatherhood wasn't what our community needs more of I chose to Give money to your mother so that I could be free of accountability. Ain't that the story of pinnochio Me- A Fake boy pretending to be a real man- Refusing to grow up, trapping his son in Neverland. Lost boys everywhere father may as well be called Peter Pan. creating fairytales while revealing realities of my boyish laziness of complacency and shaky work history which Left your mother open to question the possibility of her security.
Son, I lied to you and myself too often as if half of my soul wasn't connected to the purchase. But How do you give half of her soul and all her black girl magic back after an abortion. On the way to the clinic, I prayed the Doctors would be gentle. Research said the process would be painless due to medicine- But the question i couldn't find an answer to was- what numbs the soul before deliverance? God, where were my angels to protect me from my devil's? Where were they to tell me that those 30 pieces of silver would make me- my son's Judas It’s never easy to be the superhero. I chose to be a villain that day. I let storm clouds dictate that Katrina was being birthed in this room flooding my soul with fear. I chose to be your krytonite. I'm reminded in the quiet of the room that they say sons are like their fathers. So, did you fight to stay in? did you hold on to her ovaries using them as handle bars refusing to let go? did you kungfu kick the doctor on the way out? throw a finger sign at the nurse? pretend to be Sampson. Try to grow hair long enough to fight?

"The p.s. line will appear in the book and not the video the video became my healing. after I went into the Ozark mountains to finish some other writing i ended up editing dear son with the film maker Jason halland it became the final poem but i realized i hadn't forgiven myself, yet the video became my forgiveness and redemption."

Did you fight? Did you fight like I should have fought for you? For that brief moment, as machines took turns creating an automatic heartbeat, suctioning you from your mother's womb. Your soul transitioning into heaven I questioned: should my name have been mourning father, Mr. Policeman or Zimmerman? what makes me different? When I stopped a black boy from growing up just the same? Sitting in the uncomfortable silence that sat in between me and your mother’s blood on the ride home. I remember the stench of piss as I soiled my pants at the thought that I am half of the man that you already were. I carried her from the car-into the house. Your mother painting- My arms stained glass church windows crimson dyed Reflections of your broken smile. My arms... Painted Memories of you in my heart that I will never forget. We sat quietly in a distance that we never learned how to close. Became strangers in a house that was no longer home. And buried grief into too many arguments over a son that never came back No matter how many prayers we prayed, And God knows we prayed... For you To come back Sincerely, Your father P.s. I never stopped loving you I just finally learned how to forgive myself.

Harley Quinn on background vocal
Poetic Sun and Suavo actors Ac Dutch of 224 studios recorded
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created the track Tundrea Lyons in the beginning
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