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Shoot your Shot Summer '18

Well as you know we’re heading into the spring time. Which mean for Memphis, we're heading straight into summer. After the “cuffin” season we had, this summer is most needed for women. We dealt with some low down dogs this season. However, we made it even when some women were ready to change teams. Furthermore, as we head into the summer season ladies please understand that the ball is in our court now. We no longer have to wait for a man to step up, and make a move. We can now shoot our shot to the man we actually desire. I can already see some women head turning like “is she serious?”. Yes, I’m very serious why wait for a man to make a move when we can step up to the plate. Sitting as a fly on the wall is so played out. Why sit, and watch our crush to walk across the room when we can get up; and walk to him. Why wait for him when we can make the first move? Honestly waiting for a man to come up to you is just so blah to me. How we’re now living in a world of so called “female em…

Amore`Unscripted Review on Dear Son

When it come down to the topic of abortions it will forever be a lose-lose conversation. We talk about the women views on it, but seem to leave out the men and how they feel about abortions. I wrote an article about this topic a few months back and I will share the link to that article at the bottom of this story. While you have some men who will pay for it, and move on like it never happen. What happen when a couple decide to go through the process but later wish for a different outcome? Well this poem touch on that topic. I remember seeing this man performed this poem live, and it touch me in ways that led me to write the article. Well now he’s back with a visual video for the poem “dear son.” Video is below and where you can check out more on the author of the beautiful written poem.

Dear son, I never realized that half of my soul would be so cheap. I’m writing this letter because I never got the chance to say goodbye Truth is when I was 19 - I was a coward willing to overlook the …

Lady of The Month March: Idaly Maceano

I first discover this young woman back in 2016, when she preformed beside rapper Marco Pave. She had an rare stage present that you don’t see in many female rappers of today. As we all know being a female rapper now, come with many eyes watching you to see if you can hang with the big boys. And from what I saw this young queen know how to carry herself. She about to take the game by storm with her music, and her unique beauty. I was so happy that she agreed to be my lady of the month. I been wanting to ask her for months to be my lady of the month, so I was ecstatic to get her views on love and relationship cause if you follow her on Twitter then you know that this woman can get deep when it comes to this topic.

1. What kind of men you into and what do you look for in a man? I'm grateful to be involved with a man who is creative, I have always been drawn to people who have similar interests. I believe in order to accomplish any of my goals, I have to have someone who understands wh…