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My Letter of Self Love: Love Yourself On Valentine's Day

Today someone sent me a picture of you and I cringed. I cringed and couldn’t delete the picture fast enough. I cringed because of the thought of the hurt that I allowed you to put me through, made me question myself. I cringed at the fact that I was so broken that I allowed you the opportunity to break me even more. I cringed because I unknowingly gave you the permission to use, misuse and abuse me. I cringed because I subconsciously gave you the instructions on how to handle me…. and as much as I don’t want to admit it, the instructions never stated to handle with care. You handled me carelessly because I allowed you to. You handled me carelessly because my actions taught you how to. I taught you how, by constantly forgiving you for the same stuff over and over again. I taught you how to, by not setting a standard and sticking to it. A ding here, I forgave you… a ding there... I forgave you…then eventually I broke. I shattered!! And you left me more broken than ever before. And I hated you. With every fiber in my being I hated you.

I hated the smell of you. I hated the thought of you. I hated the very existence of you. But it was never you who cause the pain… It was me. See this was a self-inflicted wound. Because I didn’t love myself enough to let go. I was so broken that I didn’t love myself enough to realize that I deserved better. I didn’t love myself beyond my brokenness. See the experience of you and the reflection of myself taught me a valuable lesson, and that was to love me first. To love Me.! The Me I didn’t see before because I was so broken that I couldn’t seem to see her beyond the cracks and beyond the crackles. But as I reflect all I can do is smile. I smile because it was this very lesson that became my blessing! Because this valuable lesson forced me into a season of self-discovery and loving myself. OH!! And what a lonely, yet joyous, scary, fulfilling and dare I say most exhilarating ride I have ever been on. It was seriously like a rollercoaster. But this time, I was the operator. The power was now in my hands and I made a vow that I would never hurt me in that way EVER again! I finally learned the lessons of love and what love really meant. 

You see love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. Most importantly love never ends. I gave myself that endless type of love, do you hear me! I loved me so much until I attracted a man that loves me even more! I guess it’s somewhat true. You embrace what you attract. Sis, always remember that you are enough! Please remember that you deserve nothing outside of pure, organic and endless love. And although you may have been broken before, you will NEVER be broken beyond repair! With Love,

That is All


Very nice post. Aside from loving God, learning to love one's self the absolute best. Once you have self love, you become invinceable. And yes, we do teach folks how to treat us.

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