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Dating in Memphis: Blame It on The Alcohol

So, I have multiple dating horror stories but I'll start with the funniest one. Now mind you I was young (like 21), dumb, and stupid when this situation occurred. So, my dumb butt thought it would be a good idea to go on Tinder and look for a potential beau (My first eff up). I matched with this guy we'll call Kevin. Kevin was cute, funny, had a degree, and was in the military. It was bonus that he knew some of my close friends and we went to the same university. We exchanged numbers and talked for a while. He hit me up one night as asked if I wanted to go out with him. I was like "Hell Yeah!" Now I'm old school, I prefer a man to ring my doorbell and shit. He pulls up in my driveway while I'm getting stuff out of my car. He had this really nice souped up Mustang (I have a thing for mustangs shoot me). He gets out of the car but he's still standing by the driver seat. I'm walking towards the passenger door and he tells me to walk to his side and there I see that 1. He has the driver seat leaned up and there's another nigga in the passenger seat. RED FLAG. My dumb ass gets in and he introduces me to this nigga in the passenger seat, we'll call him Bobby. So, Bobby is like "oh you pretty". By that time I have texted all my friends to let them know I might not be coming home that night. We're riding around and we get to this house, some bald-headed girl we'll call her Sarah, walks up to the car and gets in the back seat with me. 
Kevin and Bobby decide we're going to Frida’s. On the way to Frida’s, they're smoking weed. I didn't smoke at the time so I'm just all around annoyed. Kevin keeps asking me about the mustang I owned asking me if I knew how to drive a stick. When we get to Frida’s it was a fucking nightmare. This nigga Kevin tells me he didn't have any money to buy two meals so we could share a margarita and an appetizer. Kevin neglected to tell me that all his fucking homegirls were coming to this damn dinner. It was like 5 extra girls at the dinner and they all had attitudes and kept asking me how I knew Kevin. Kevin told them I was the new and improved girlfriend. HOW SWAY! Kevin, Bobby, and Sarah get white girl wasted at Frida’s. Kevin drunkenly looks at me and throw his cars keys at me and said "You can a drive a stick right, right? Drive us home baby girl!". I was soooo hot but I knew the older two dumbasses didn't know how to drive and I was the only sober one. 
Kevin's Mustang was wayyy newer than mine but a stick is a stick right? He had one more gear than me too. So, I took advantage of it. Once I turned on to the interstate I took off. Kevin started telling me to slow down and to stay in the fourth gear. Too Late! I was in sixth gear fucking his clutch up! I dropped the two extras off and Kevin kept asking if I wanted to spend the night. On the way back to my house he fell asleep so I got about two blocks from my house and threw his car out of gear, which turned it off. I left him on the side of the road with his keys in the ignition and the driver side door wide open. Kevin rountinly tries to reach out to me to make up for our "first date". I told him I'm gay now.

Memphis, TN

That is All
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CherishingFlo said…
GIRL I don’t even blame you that’s crazy! I probably would’ve cut it short at pick up. I don’t do surprises. If it isn’t just us, I better know ahead of time or I’m not going lol. Great story girl. WEve all had our share of tough dates!

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