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Story Of The Month: The journey of loving yourself to purpose by Tamela R. Story

Tamela R Story- Jones is a Mother, Wife, Student, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Community Advocate and is extremely in love with Christ. She is the C.E.O and Founder of Story’s SAFEhaven, which is an organization geared towards providing resources for adult and children survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  She is also the Founder of the I am #Purposed Empowerment Conference and the author of the I am#Purposed book. She is currently a student at SHNU majoring in International Business. During this past year, God has been dealing with her about trusting in him completely and boldly walking in her God-given purpose. With that in mind, pursuing her purpose has allowed her to push others to do the same.  It is her belief that it is God’s desire that we all acknowledge, embrace and walk body in our purpose.  Knowing, that we were all created on purpose and for a purpose and that there’s nothing that you can’t do and  nothing you can’t achieve. YOU ARE PURPOSED!”

Dear Sis,
There were so many things that were going through my mind when I was asked to write you a letter. I knew that I wanted to encourage you. I wanted you to read this letter and be inspired.  I wanted you to walk away knowing that you can do ALL things through Christ that gives you strength and no matter what obstacles you may face, that you can and will conquer them all.  That was my desire. But the question was how? How do I get you to that point? How can I convince you that you were created on purpose and for a purpose? How can I convince you to understand that anything that approaches you that doesn’t align with your purpose shouldn’t be entertained.  That, the greatness that’s inside of you waiting to bust out exceeds your expectations of yourself.  That you are great beyond measure. Seriously. How? How can I convince you to trust in who God has created you to be. Where do I being? Where does it all begin? Then it hit me…….. It begins with self-love. Look sis, in order for you to achieve what so ever you desire, you must first master self-love.  Love conquers all right?  Maybe you desire a   healthier lifestyle , healthier relationships, being a successful entrepreneur etc. It all begins with self-love. Because when you love something.. I mean truly love it. You treat it with care, because to you it’s fragile. So you are very aware of how you handle it. It’s precious to you. You spend time getting to know it, you tend to it, and you care for it and your trust it completely. Then in return, it becomes successful because of the love you put into it. The secret to success begins with self-love. Love yourself and trust in yourself enough to pursue your God given purpose. Knowing that without a shadow of a doubt that you deserved it, you earned it and you can achieve it. Self-love is the best love. You Are#Purposed 

Sealed with love,
Your Sister
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