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Lady Of The Month: MacKenzie Boone

When I first saw this young woman, it was her beauty that caught my eye. However, as I gotten to know her it was her personality that sold me even more. I was so honor that this young woman said yes to being my last lady of the month of 2017. Hopefully when you read her answers, you will understand why she was chosen. My name is Mackenzie Boone, and I am 21 years old. I was born in Germantown, TN, but I currently live in Arkansas. I'm a junior in college with hopes of getting my masters in social work to help children at risk. I've been modeling and acting since I was eighteen years old, but it's been the dream since I started walking.  When I'm not in front of a camera, I love to play soccer, nap with my cats, find new things to do and see, working, or at college at the University of Memphis.

 What kind of men you into and what do you look for in a man? 1. The main thing I look for in a guy is ambition. It's really important to me for someone to be ambitious bec…

Story Of The Month: The journey of loving yourself to purpose by Tamela R. Story

Tamela R Story- Jones is a Mother, Wife, Student, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Community Advocate and is extremely in love with Christ. She is the C.E.O and Founder of Story’s SAFEhaven, which is an organization geared towards providing resources for adult and children survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  She is also the Founder of the I am #Purposed Empowerment Conference and the author of the I am#Purposed book. She is currently a student at SHNU majoring in International Business. During this past year, God has been dealing with her about trusting in him completely and boldly walking in her God-given purpose. With that in mind, pursuing her purpose has allowed her to push others to do the same.  It is her belief that it is God’s desire that we all acknowledge, embrace and walk body in our purpose.  Knowing, that we were all created on purpose and for a purpose and that there’s nothing that you can’t do and  nothing you can’t achieve. YOU ARE PURPOSED!”

Dear Sis, There were so many…

The Pro's & Con's Of A Happy Relationship

Someone told me that I always write about the negative side of love and not the positive. which isn’t true. I write about both ends of love but I can see how someone can feel that way when you 10 stories behind. Love is a beautiful gift, however even when it good there are still some bad even in a good relationship. No, I’m not one of those women who can’t be happy no matter how hard a man or anyone tried. It just when sh*t is good in your relationship your focus shift from the other priorities in your life. Therefore, it causes some area in your life to rust so to speak. It happened to the best of us hello it happen to BeyoncĂ©. Some will look at this list, and be like Judaea you're crazy. However, these are signs you need to know for two reasons. One: So, you know when to slow down and enjoy your new peace and happiness. And two: So, you can also get your focus back on track to get your life in order so you don’t lose yourself or your relationship. Furthermore, no matter how much…