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Story Of The Month: Dani Ray

Kicking off in August I want to give writers a platform to show their gift, and who better to show it off than Ms. Dani Ray. Born in Mississippi, she discovered her love of words and writing when she was in elementary. She graduated from the University of Memphis and published a book of poetry "Covered in Words" in 2016. And now she is blessing me with a piece from her book.

He calls me queen
I call him my king
His words send bolts like lightning 
Coursing through my body 
Stopping only on my lips so I can savor them
I bask in his glory waiting for them to escape 
Like the sweetest tasting sugar
I lick the words right out of him
His words become mine
Traveling to all my nerve ending
Implant themselves in my soul
Greedily I continue milking him
Until his words belong to only me 
When I'm satisfied I have enough
I return to pleasing him
He likes when I own him
My tongue tracing highways to his secret self
One he saved just for me
He begs to touch her insides
They call out for him
When he can no longer hold out
I let him
Feel the wetness he has contrived
Gripping him, tighter with every stroke
Allowing me to feel every inch of him
I give him what he requests
The smile on his face corresponds
With the throbbing sensation deep inside me
We collapse together covered in each other juices, catching our breath....

That Is All
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