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Journey Of Self: Tips On Traveling Alone

As I tell many women who are on the journey of self, you have to take risks in order to find the woman that hiding within you. Playing it safe will only lead you down a road of resentment and hate toward your spouse who did nothing wrong but love you. Going after your true identity is a long journey, but a journey that need to happen so you will have inner peace. It many ways and step to start your journey of self but the best way to start that journey is to travel the unknown alone. When I started traveling alone it was a sense of freedom to me, I love the fact that whenever I want to get up and go I can. Not having to wait for someone to say they can go, or not was peace for me. If I want to go I can just go even with the fear in the back of my mind telling me to stay home. I still go cause it like one man once wrote, even if you scared to do it still do it. Cause that fear will always be there but that opportunity won’t be there. Women asked me all the time about traveling alone, and now I’m about to share my tips. Traveling alone can be very scary but that feeling of accomplishment make it all worthwhile.

Stay in touch with the people at home
This is not only for yourself, but specifically for your parents, who are probably sitting on the couch since the moment you stepped out that door, jumping every time the phone rings praying that it’s you and not the police. The media has influenced them a bit, thinking that it’s not safe for a woman to travel alone. They love you, and every hour they don’t hear anything from you, they will fear the worse (just because you're getting older doesn’t mean your parents will ever stop worrying about you). Let them know what you plan to do every day. In that case, if something happens, they know where you were. Moreover, this can help you from feeling homesick especially if this is your first time traveling alone, because you can have a conversation with them and let them know what you about to experienced cause if you don’t they will keep calling you until you pick up that phone trust me I know.

Choose a place where you feel comfortable
As I said before, you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to have a good time. My first solo trip was to Nashville, a city that been on my wish list for a long time because I plan on moving there soon. Furthermore, Nashville is not only fun and unique, it is also safe and clean and has a culture that is similar to Memphis, and it always something to do if you do the right research. That gave me a very good feeling, and it was the perfect base to go start on my own journey of discovery and to learn more about me.

Trust your feelings and gut

Traveling alone is not dangerous like everyone try to tell you (people will always attempt to throw their fears on you). But of course, you must pay attention to your surroundings as well. And yes, there is always a chance that something can happen. But if you trust your feelings and intellect, you probably won’t have any problems (that the whole point of traveling alone to build your intellect). Always pay attention to your belongings like your purse and phone, and don’t walk alone at the streets at night. If you get a bad feeling from someone, don’t feel obligated to continue talking to that person. And if you feel that you can trust someone, don’t be afraid to join a bunch of strangers for a night out (cut down on spending but still be careful). But always remember that traveling solo all comes down to trusting your instincts and being able to handle unknown alone.

Start with a weekend trip
To get used to the idea of traveling alone, I always advise women to start with a weekend trip. Even one night in a different city can be enough to get used to the idea of traveling solo. There’s no rule that states you must travel to New Mexico for a week to qualify you as a solo traveler, a weekend alone in a city you’d like to see is also a solo trip. By going away for the weekend, you probably don’t have time to get homesick, but you still have to make a few decisions for yourself and get used to the feeling of independence that comes with traveling alone.

Enjoy the Moment
That’s the beauty of solo traveling: you get to know yourself very well and able to find yourself. You will learn exactly what you want and don’t want for your life. I learned that I’m an extrovert when I’m traveling to a new city. I love to be around people, especially in the evening time where the true fun start happening. I like to share my experiences, although I keep many personal highlights to myself. However, I learned to just trust my intuition by traveling alone. I made some new friends and had the time of my life. You can do whatever you want when you’re traveling alone. You don’t have to wait for ten other people just to go out and don’t have to keep with anyone else wishes in mind which is why I love traveling solo. What’s better than that? So, enjoy and learn about you who knows this city can very well be your new home all you can do is go and see what’s out there. And stay off your phone. Yes, you will want to take pictures and want to share everything on social media but this is the time where you live in the moment and have a good time trust me you earn this vacation.
That Is All


Traveling alone can definitely be many things. I agree that it does help you focus on yourself and finding what that really means. When I was single, I remember feeling really free, independent, and almost invincible...even if it was just traveling in my hometown of Chicago in a different area from where I grew up. That mixed feeling of the unexpected was a little scary, but it became less present the more I went out.

After getting married, I would go out less by myself. However, I remember this one time I was in Florida alone and stayed to do something I really wanted to do. I love butterflies and wanted to go to this butterfly place outdoors. Traveling alone was different after always having my husband, but similar to your post...I felt so free, at peace, and aligned with all of me -mind, body, spirit. Great read for anyone and a journey that everyone should experience.

Patricia said…
My sister in law recently took a 3 night trip to Paris alone. She loved it. She said she was able to visit museums and venues at her own pace and really enjoyed it. She found it liberating.

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