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Lady Of The Month May Edition: Parker McKenna Posey

After last month lady of the month I knew that I had to come back strong, and I was so excited when this young lady Ms. Parker Posey agreed to being my lady of the month.If you’re not familiar with the beautiful actress, Parker McKenna Posey, then let me refresh your memory. she stars on the hit show, My Wife and Kids, Posey was known as Kady Melissa Jheny Spilken Kyle, played the youngest child in the Kyle family. Last year, she broke the internet when everyone (mostly men) saw how beautiful she grew up to be. She did a small interview with me about what she finds attractive in a man, and what her craziest date she been on.

1. What kind of men you into and what do you look for in a man? I love a hardworking man. Someone who’s passionate and talented! That’s very attractive to me. Someone who makes time for me, who respects my opinion, and most importantly someone who can make me laugh. If you can make me laugh 24-7 and keep up with me, you’re a keeper! Also, its really important how a …