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Don't Be His Back-Up Plan

It like a perfume that they can smell it a mile away, it took you a long time to get to that place but you finally there. Letting go of someone is hard when you let this person inside of your world, you two shared memories that no one will ever understand. However, you finally at peace on how everything went down; and you finally got yourself back on track to the person you once were before the relationship. Then you get that phone call, this was the call that you’re been waiting on for six months; and now you at a crossroad of what you should do because of the new paths that your life is heading in. And if you should give this relationship, another try after finally learning to live without him.

 A man knows when he has a good woman on his team, but just because he knows doesn’t mean he appreciate the good woman on his team. A man knows when he is going too far in the relationship, he knows when he is playing with fire; and when he should stop. But he will continue until you say that you finally had enough, and that when he comes back claiming that he changed. He like your favorite book that you can read over, and over again we all know the ending but pray that this time the ending will be different. As I was taught early how can man learn from his mistakes, if we so quick to forgive him? It like one of my favorite said, when you forgive a man the first time he fucks up your first-time response will let him if he can do it again. And rushing to forgive him mean that he didn’t learn his lesson, and that you will always forgive him when he does wrong.

But as I come to learn that some men don’t even want you back in his life, he just doesn’t want to see you with anyone else beside him. Men are like dogs in a way, if you pay attention to dogs they big on marking their territory. They pee in area as a way to warn you not to go in that area, and men are the same way when it comes to their woman. Men doesn’t like to open up to a woman, and when he does open up to you that his way of marking his territory. And we take a man opening up as he wants us in his life, but we don’t see how toxic he can be for us. All love isn’t good for you we all know that love isn’t easy, but when it become toxic it starts killing you slowly. You would whether force a relationship that not meant to be, then to face the unknown alone. We take him coming back into our lives as he wants to make the relationship work but in reality, you nothing but a fall back plan.

When a person leave our lives, they left for a reason if you weren’t good enough to fight for then why are you good enough to hold on to? When a man refused to let you go after hurting over, and over again it said how he truly feel about you and they aren’t no loving feeling behind it. It like when “Mr. Big” on sex in the city decided to marry that young woman, and broke up with Carrie because she was “too difficult” to deal with. He wasn’t willing to put in the work to keep her, but he didn’t want her to leave him alone either (I still believe that Carrie should have married Aiden Shaw); and that how men are when they not ready for a serious relationship. How will you ever know what is out there, if you're a man back up plan he sees you as nothing but that plan when all else failed. When all those other women let him down, he sleeps peaceful at night knowing that you will always be there when they do. But as I always say what do I know, I’m just here to drop some knowledge on my journey of love and self.

That Is All


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