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What Are We?: The Importance Of Titles

On this journey that I’m currently on, it leading me to the answers that was I thought would never get the answers to. And one the questions that I finally got the answer to was the importance of titles in relationships, I come to realize why people have so many failed “relationships”, well thinking that they have another failed relationship under their belt. See, we live in a time where no believe in title anymore. Everyone has a fear of getting hurt, or so they claim. As I always say, the time we’re living in are way different then the time that our parents lived in. We don’t press for title in relationship anymore, we assume that after we been there for a person for a long time then we’re in a relationship. Or we think if we’re are talking to that certain person, for a long amount of time then we’re are in a relationship. We don’t see how we’re just playing house, and unless you hear him say the words that you’re his woman than you’re not his woman.

As I come to learn my mistakes when it came to my failed relationship, was me giving him the cow for free. All he had to do was open the door for me, and I thought that I was in a relationship but that was the problem. I didn’t see the sign that this was a situation-ship, and that why so many women have failed relationship because we trying to turn a situation-ship to a relationship. We all know the sign when we’re in a situation ship, but we try to look pass them and put it in our mind that this is all problem that “couple” have. The thing is you’re not in a relationship, hell you not even in a situation-ship. When you’re dating a person, you have to be upfront of what you looking for, sometimes we can be so desperate that we withhold the truth. Not realizing that withholding the truth, will only make it worst for yourself. What I finally learn is just because he acts like a boyfriend sometimes, doesn’t make him your boyfriend. As I said before as long as you’re single, you have to date often love should never be one of your regrets in your lifetime.

It a reason why they say that a relationship is work, some are willing to put in that work while other are willing take the job half done. We’re not willing to find that true beauty in a person, we want that person to find it for us. Then take the benefits like we were the one, to put in the work to find that beauty. And that how relationship are these days, no one want that timeless love anymore we want that quick love with the timeless feels in that love. We no longer search for the true essence that a person can carry, cause we're trying to turn “fuck niggas” into husbands; and trying to turn hoes into housewives. Are titles important in a relationship? No, but a person need an understanding of where that relationship is standing and heading. The reason why women make a big deal about title, is because men doesn’t break down where the relationship truly stand (or they say where the relationship stand but their actions is a whole another story).

Furthermore, this is how women can get the game mix up. The woman is following your leads, and if that dance is leading in three different directions than she will get confused of the directions of the dance. Sometimes women don’t pay attention when a man doesn’t want to be with them, but a woman aren’t no damn fools either. If you selling us a dream then we will buy into that dream until we wake up with reality, and the reality is this so-called relationship that in our heart is really just in our mind. But what do I know, I’m just here to drop some knowledge while I’m on my journey of self.

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