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It Never Ok: Chris Brown, And Karrueche Tran

Oh Chris brown, Chris brown. Writing about Chris brown will always be hard for me, because I think about the first time I felt in love with him (Dec 19th 2005). Even after the Rihanna case I stood by him, need I remind you I was just 19 at the time; and I really didn’t understand the def of what he did to her. I remember going to get my hair done, hearing women saying how Rihanna brought this on herself that she asked to get beat up like that for putting her hands on him first. And over the years we tired, to stand by him but it seems like he just won’t get his act together. Even after being locked up he still went back to doing the same thing, knowing that he have a target on his back it like he doesn’t know how gifted he truly is.

But now there’re new allegations made against him, by his ex-girlfriend karrueche Tran that he threated to killed her; and she also alleged that he “punched her in stomach twice” and pushed her down the stairs “several years ago,”. The court documents of the restraining order were leaked by TMZ, who is known for their hate-love relationship against Chris brown. However, what stand out about this story are his fans and how they're standing by him once again. And calling her a liar saying that she is looking for attention, and at first I felt that way but then I realize that I'm 27; and thought about how this situation hit close to home for me. Fruthermore, to hear his fans called this young woman a liar is a problem for me bacause most of his fans are young women which trouble me to think they're ok with a man putting their on them. 

To better understand karrueche Tran, and Chris brown relationship I’m about to break it down. Cause like I said before, I’m a fan even though I doubt I will be a fan much longer because I can’t continue to support his actions. Chris, and karrueche relationship began back in 2010; when they first gotten together no one knew who karrueche was but according to reports, at that time she was a hostess. But before we saw an official picture of the couple, Rihanna went on oprah and confess that she was very much still in love with Chris (until this day I can't watch that interview because in that interview I saw a piece of myself). And in 2012, Rihanna and Chris brown gave their relationship another shot. But after 8 months the pair decide to part ways once again, and Chris brown went back to karrueche; and she took him back with open arms. Then in 2013 Chris brown was locked up for probation violation then he was sent to rehab. But even after all of that karrueche stood by Chris, showing that she was down for her man. And when he got released, karrueche were still there by his side. But in 2014, when reports of Chris brown having a child while he were in a relationship with karrueche came out that when karrueche called it quit. While she was done with relationship, Chris brown were far from over the relationship he made it very clear that he wasn't over the relationship. And Chris brown made sure that no man would ever talk to karrueche, when a man called her “beautiful” or just like her pictures Chris were ready to fight every guy that attempted to talk to her (which is why I believe report that he did stalked her). He even made a video a week before the restraining order came out stating, that when he breaks up with a woman that if he can’t have her than no one can have her (even then women were sharing that video like what he was saying were ok like it normal for a man to be that way). 

Wherever she would go, Chris brown wasn’t very far behind Chris refuse to let go of karrueche. Now when this story first broke, no believe her as one blog pointed out she have several chances to file a restraining order against him, and when he was locked up she could have left then. One woman even said that she couldn’t feel sorry for her because she chose fame, over her well-being. A week ago, I felt the same way after all she did have several outs; even that neighbor that claim that she heard them fighting and she called the police (which kind of shocking to me that the police didn’t leak this story to TMZ like all the other time the police been call to his home) but even than karrueche still chose to stay. But as I sat down to really think about it, and thought about the time I love a man harder than I love myself than; and put his needs before my own than I got a better understanding of why she kept quiet for so long. It in a woman DNA, to love a man harder than a man love us even love is toxic to your soul; and spirit we still choose to stay hoping shit will change. Like I wrote in one story, a man can be wrong as two left shoes but we will love him like he got the right pair of shoes on. We stand by a man no matter what, sometimes love can be so blinded that we don’t see the harm that we’re doing to ourselves. And that why she stayed, yes her wanting to be an actress could also been a reason as well but no woman goes into a relationship thinking that a man will put their hands on them. Standing by chris, and putting the blame on her is saying that abuse is ok in a relationship knowing if you were in that similar situation that you would want someone to believe you.

Even if she stayed for fame, or for the fact that she truly loves him that doesn't give him the right to put his hands on her. What upset me the most about this story, is the fact that his young fans think it ok for a man to hit a woman. We can say that they don’t know any better in which they don't , however to think at this young age that these young women are accepting of chris brown actions are scary. Just think about when, they get to karrueche age where their mindset on relationship abuse will be. I was hoping by him having a daughter that it would help him grow up for his daughter sake because she need a male role model in her life, but as we see now Chris brown demons are bigger than he realizes he simply can't control his demons. Time will tell if these new reports are true, even though I know they're some truth to her restrain order. However, I hope for his sake that he let this relationship go maybe this was needed so he can see how unhealthy their relationship truly was. And how he is hurting her, by not letting go of this relationship. And he need to asked himself, how would he feel if a man pulled this exact behavior with his daughter. But we will watch this story unfold like we don’t have lives of our own, but women please if you’re in an abusive relationship please leave no good will come of this relaitonship you only hurting yourself; and everyone around you by staying.

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TheKendroShow said…
I used to be a big Chris Brown fan and as a 16 year old ignorant, sprung teen, I still supported him after the 2009 incident with Rihanna smh. Now that I'm older, I see how foolish I was but I also see how messed up this situation is. Chris Brown seems to be going through some serious trauma with his background of being sexually molested as a kid (although he saw it as losing his virginity) and seeing his mother being physically abused. No excuses for him though because he's had numerous chances to get it right. He won a Grammy, was still able to put out music and be praised by the public, still had a solid fan base which was still majority women. Chris Brown needs some serious help and he needs to leave Karrueche alone. Funny that he hasn't publicly tried this with Rihanna because she's more protected as an A-List star. His actions scream abusive and mentally unstable.


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