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Gentlemen Of The Month:Clint Coley

I was asked what happen to “gentlemen of the month?”, and why I stopped. Well I didn’t stop, it was just that finding the right man to promote for my gentlemen of the month was a lot of work but now I decide to bring it back with the perfect guy to kick it off. If you haven’t seen one of Clint Coley or listen to one of his comedy albums than you missing out on life, Clint Coley is funny; and cute and I was happy he was willing to share alil bit about him. Over the past few years, Coley has traveled the country performing his comedy routines for diverse audiences. Since 2012, Coley has opened for seasoned comedian D.L. Hughley as he’s toured the country. Coley’s comedic gift led to Hughley crowning him “The Prince.” Coley has also opened for fellow Philadelphian and acclaimed comedian Kevin Hart. Beyond being a gifted comedian, Coley has a knack for business, writing, producing and acting. Coley produced and headlined Babylon Cartel Presents: Clint Coley’s All Jokes Aside, performing in front of a sold out crowd at the Freedom Theater in his beloved hometown of Philadelphia. Following the success of that special, Coley launched his own comedy series, Chill, it’s Just Jokes at Philadelphia’s Helium Comedy Club. Coley’s growing reputation allowed him to expand the comedy series to Los Angeles’ prestigious Hollywood Improv soon thereafter. Coley has produced and starred in the short films How We Met and The World Series of Spades. Coley’s first comedy album, I’m An Adult, sold over 11,000 units since it’s release in May of 2014. Coley currently resides in Los Angeles and is continuing to build on his early successes. Constantly raising the bar, Coley is not finished yet. Fans can find Coley’s comedy special, Stand and Deliver, On Demand and his debut comedy album “I’m An Adult” on all streaming platforms. Coley is currently working on his next comedy album, which will be available in the near future. 

1. What kind of women you into and what do you look for in a woman?

I'm into black women. Point blank. Whether you're light skinned, dark skinned, on the verge of turning green or purple. It doesn't matter to me. What I look for in a woman is literally the secret ingredient in your grand mom mac and cheese or that secret instrument in your favorite song. You don't know what it is until you taste it or hear and realize that's what's been missing in your life. I'm looking for my secret ingredient. Anyone can be fun, loving, caring, intelligent and down to earth, but are you the woman that God put that secret ingredient for me that only I can see/taste. That's what I'm looking for.

2. What is the most craziest date you been on?

Craziest date was one where I went out with a girl who legit started crying while we were at the restaurant because they didn't have chocolate. Like she threw a whole tantrum and was upset because there was no chocolate milk to be had. I literally had to go to the store so she would shut up. Come to find out she was super emotional because she was pregnant by her boyfriend I didn't know about.

3. What is your favorite body part on a woman?

I would say the mind for the sake of sounding like a pervert. But since I am, I love me some thighs.

4. How you feel about black love and what kind we do to make it stronger?

I love black love and I think it's stronger than we give it credit for. The problem is, we tend to focus on the negative aspects like guys being "fuck boys" instead of the guys who are actually treating women with love and respect.

5. For you what more important in a relationship a spiritual connection or physical connection (once you pick explain your reasons behind your choice)?

Spiritual connection for sure. I'm closing in on 30 years old. Looks fade. Spirits grow, looks fade and die and then I'm going to be onto the next thing who's sext. Let me get that dope ass spirit from whoever I marry.

Bonus questions: In your "if men/women tell the truth" videos do you think that couple can be that honest and have a healthy relationship?

You should be totally honest. It hurts but that's the best way.

You should be totally honest. It hurts but that's the best way.


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