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Love Letter From Racine: Rise and Fall

…see there’s a common point of perspective that we attribute to love that we have grown accustomed to. That common perspective is falling in love. Granted, I’m all for love as the power that it is. It’s the falling part that has caused a shift in my thinking. Words and their application are of extreme significance to me since words have a power that can covertly alter the mind; more so when the word choices are overly used clichés that are rarely contemplated. Falling in love is so widely used that we just run with it. From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to J. Cole’s She’s Mine, falling in love is such a beautiful thing; but it seems that there is quite a bit of pain in that beauty as we fall.

Now this is not a point to say don’t fall in love. It’s just a means to show how word usage and associations can alter aspects of our realities at times. For example, a fall, of any kind, generally has a negative connotation. Slip and falls, falls of stock prices, even the season of fall; falling is generally associated with a descent or decline of something. So one must ask how the descents of falling can be attributed to the highest form of elevation; love? By definition, doesn’t that qualify as an oxymoron? Ideally. Even though we consciously make falling in love one of the greatest feelings of relationships, we subconsciously battle the quandary of simultaneously falling and ascending at the same time.

As I watch this quandary unfold in many relationships, it seems that there is a, somewhat, direct correlation between the deeper in love people are and the more difficulty they have in their relationships. I get that relationships take work; but are they supposed to be full of fights, temptations and traumatic hardships? As fights are usually triggered by “fall” outs; temptations and traumatic hardships are prompted by “low” moments. Is this coincidence or a potential subconscious interference occurring the deeper we fall in love with our significant others? I don’t really know. This is just my usual alternative perspective. With this alternative perspective I’ve begun to practice attributing rising, rather than falling, in love.

As I focus on the definition and associations of rising, I usually get images associated with up, ascension, elevation, heights, increases, etc. In most general cases, rising has a positive connotation linked to it. Pay raises, rising stocks, raising children; it’s usually a point of upward progression. As with falling, there are certain subconscious triggers that are defaulted to rising. And it could be a stretch, but what if shifting the perspective from falling in love to rising in love is the thing that can drastically improve our relationships? Granted, as stated before, relationships require work. But would we rather the work we put in to cause us to fall or rise? Descend or ascend? Just a thought, ya know?

And as always, it’s not definitive law or anything; just a point of perspective. Since I’ve changed my view on the things I love, I tend to have better outcomes with those things. The hobbies that I rise in love with bring out a stronger energy than those I once fell in love with. The relationships (platonic and romantic) that I rise in love with are so much more beneficial than those I used to fall in love with. This doesn’t absolve the work I must put in; but it does make the work more pleasing when the fuel from my subconscious mind guides the path on an upward trajectory. But hey, it’s just a bit of perspective to consider. Give it a try, you may like what happens.

Peace, Love, Knowledge and Freedom.

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