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Single Girl Day Out: Get Out Review

Like one of my favorite women ever Wendy Williams, when I write a story I like to give you guys a back story before I get to the story. This past Sunday I was heading to work thinking I had to work, when I get there my boss tell me to go home she need me for Monday morning. So, I was heading home when I was reading down my friends’ timeline about the movie “get out” so instead heading home I went to see this so-called controversial movie. And when I say I have not been entertained by a movie in a long time, this movie kept me at the edge of my seat. I don’t want to spoiled the movie, but it touches some topics that is swept under the rug so to speak.

Kinda crazy that we had a black president, legalized gay marriage and accepted transgender people (some will say force to accept) but people still have a problem with interracial relationships. The movie address that common fear that black people have when it comes to interracial dating, growing up my parents made it very clear to me at an…

Love Letter From Racine: Rise and Fall

…see there’s a common point of perspective that we attribute to love that we have grown accustomed to. That common perspective is falling in love. Granted, I’m all for love as the power that it is. It’s the falling part that has caused a shift in my thinking. Words and their application are of extreme significance to me since words have a power that can covertly alter the mind; more so when the word choices are overly used clich├ęs that are rarely contemplated. Falling in love is so widely used that we just run with it. From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to J. Cole’s She’s Mine, falling in love is such a beautiful thing; but it seems that there is quite a bit of pain in that beauty as we fall.

Now this is not a point to say don’t fall in love. It’s just a means to show how word usage and associations can alter aspects of our realities at times. For example, a fall, of any kind, generally has a negative connotation. Slip and falls, falls of stock prices, even the season of fall; falling…

What #HurtBae Taught Me

Last week the website called "the scene" release this video of an woman looking for closure from her last relationship. The pair sat down, and had an face to face conversation of what happened and why he cheated on her. This video has been shared over 2 million times, and have gotten 15 million views which started the hast tag #hurtbae. Now for me watching the video, I felt like these two were actors but this storyline was real. That video hits close to home for me, it opens old wombs of my past relationships especially the last one. It wasn't until last year I finally saw the errors of being "the nice girl" in a relationship, being too nice to a man only make it worse for you and opening the door for him to walk all over you. Furthermore, being too nice to a man also ready him for the next woman but break you down mentally. For me I don't like fighting, I live for peace and when I'm in a relationship that what I offer a man. But as I come to learn, fro…

Common Mistakes: Warning Signs He A Loser

As you know while I’m on my journey of self-love I still date, so I met this guy he seems like a cool guy however just after 3 days of long phone conversation he shows his true colors. The reason why I’m writing this story, as warning signs that you’re talking to a loser, or you about to date a loser. When we’re dating, we tend to ignore signs because of the golden signs in our mind that he might be the one. And just because he knows how to make us feel good, don’t mean that he is good for us. What I’m happy about is, that he shows his true colors before we went on an actual date, and I waste my time on a man that looking for a easy woman.

When he came up to me he talked a good game, he said all the right things like he been studying me all night, and he smell good (which was a huge plus for me). He made eye contact with me, and gave good conversation however I knew something about was off about him but I didn’t want to write him off. As I get older, I’m trying to learned to be more o…

Stop Judging Women Who Doesn't Have Children

When women start a conversation with me, and asked me questions, I quickly get annoyed because I already know what question is coming up next in the conversation. I'm 27 year old woman, who have a clean record. I don't even have a parking ticket in my name, but all of that goes out the window. When I get asked the question that women who are in their late 20s, early 30s hate to hear: Do you have any children? While there are women who have told me " that it good that I don't have children yet, and I should work on me", there are other women who will go on to say to me "what am I waiting for", "you don't have to be married to have a child", and my all time favorite "if you wait too long, you going to be too old having a child; and my child will run all over me because I'm older".

And that what I don’t understand, it's doesn't matter how many accomplishments I have made so far in my life, all of that go out the window as…

That True Love: Valentine's Day Edition

So here I am, another valentine’s day single (well I’m dating someone but still single). With this day, less than 6 days away I remember the days when I used to cry and be sad at the fact that I was single on every valentine’s day. I remember being jealous of all the women who had men on this day, they would take pictures and show all the gifts their men got them. And be wishing that I was lucky to have a man that would do the same for me, but now as I get older I realize that now I could have enjoyed valentine’s day even as a single woman. Even without a man, I can still enjoy this day (since we’re dating I told that I didn’t want to celebrate valentine day this year until we were in a relationship cause I’m not buying no man no more gifts without a title I learned my lesson on that mistakes and that another story for another day). I realize there is some truth that women give this day so much power, when you have a good man every day is valentine’s day but you can’t tell some women…

It Not Your Time: How To Enjoy Being Newly Single

At first I was going to write how to handle being newly single, but I change my mind I'm writing about how to enjoy being newly single. It hard to go back being single after opening your spirit to another, however it time to look at as a new beginning of getting ready to enjoy your heart with the right person. Furthermore, while you waiting for the right person to come in your life you can be enjoying your new found freedom. I get it, it scary  being single again be if you do this while you're single I promise you being single won't cross your mind. As I come to learn being single, only cross your thoughts when you standing in one place. Yes, there will time where you will get lonely (I have those moments) but you got to learned to be strong. So here are my ways to enjoy being newly single.

Go on Dates Even if you're not ready, still go out and have fun it better than sitting in the house crying over a man who not even thinking about you right now. What I come to learn w…

AmoreXOX Advice

Hey amoreXOX I need some advice I met this guy, and I think he is great the problem is he used to date one of my closet friends. I know her for about a year now, and when I met her they have just stopped talking it seem like the relationship ended peacefully. But I don’t know how to tell her, he a great guy and we have a deep connection and you know how women are when it comes to a past guy. Should I tell her or should I end the relationship before it goes farer?
K.Zaveri 24

Well this is hard to say, to me no I don’t think you should break up with the guy (now before you hoes go off I’m about to tell you why she shouldn’t). First off how close are you, and this woman is also the question. Do you two talk on an everyday basic? Cause if not then not you two might just be friends where when your other friends are busy you called each other; and that not a real friendship. And how long did they dated also is the question, if it was a few months then I say no you shouldn’t stop talkin…