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You Finally Met Him: 6 Signs He Is A Good Man

We've all been hurt before, we've all had someone that let us down in the worse way. Pains can do two things: make you stronger, or break you. When women get hurt we will start to label men as all the “same”, however not all men are the "same". It can be you, making the same mistakes. As I come to learn when men get their heart broken, they’ll take the proper amount of time to heal their heart. And women we take that time as to heal, but we don’t take right amount of time to heal our broken heart. Sometimes we still hold on to the what happen to us in the past for so long, that we don’t see when a good man is standing in front of us. I said this many times on here, a good man will have flaws but will be what you need in a soulmate. Furthermore, what are the signs that you have a good man? Well here are the signs that, you're in the present of a good man. But ladies remember, that in order to find love you’ll have to learn the art of being alone. no one likes to be alone, but if you don’t take that time to enjoy your single life then no man will make you happy until you happy with yourself period.

He Is Always in A Good Mood Around You
As I come to learn, that when a man need space then it’s best to give him that space. However, when a man cares about you then he will make that effort to brighten up your day when your day is not going as planned.  An man will make an effort to brighten up our day, we’ll take as he got something to hide, but in truth he wants to put a smile on our face. Women don’t realize how we can brighten up a man day, sometimes by him just seeing us happy that make a real man happy. People don’t know the power of a simple “hello”, especially when it said by someone we truly care about. It let us know that we’re on their minds, and it means a lot to know that you care. When a man is always in a good mood around you, it doesn’t mean that he hiding something; or wants sex. It can mean that he just happy to be with his girl, and happy to see you.

He SHOWS You How He Feels
When I liked a guy, I had no problems telling him how I feel. However, the guy that I be into is not the same when it come time to share his feelings. I used to take it the wrong way because, I used to think that if a man is into you then he should tell you how he feels. But as I come to grow, just because he doesn’t tell me every second of the day how he feels about me doesn’t mean he loves me any less. Hearing a man tells you that he loves you is an amazing feeling, but a man showing you that he loves you is ten times better. We take as if he doesn’t tell every second of every day that he loves us, then he is cheating; or there is another woman lurking around. But it not, “I love you” is nothing but three words that sounds good together. But when their no actions behind them, that all they will be just words. So, if a man doesn’t tell you that he loves you every day gives him pass let his actions take over what he forgot to tell you.

He Loves to Surprise You
Growing up I hated surprises, all because for me I knew that it wasn’t any good news behind that surprise. So, when someone tried to surprise me I would try my best to figure out the surprise. Because if It was bad news, then I wanted to know so I wouldn’t be so hurt by the news. However, now I’m learning to love surprises. When a man make an effort to surprise you, the only thing he wants to feel is appreciated for his efforts. He wants to see your face lights up, after he made you dinner. Or went and found your favorite movie, or set you up for a spa day. When he takes the time to show you, that he cares he want to hear a thank you for his effort. I have male friends tell me, that what ended their last relationship was the fact they didn’t feel appreciated by their girlfriends. So, when he says that he has a surprise for you don’t take it the wrong way he might just wants to cater to you.

He Thinks He Won't Be Able to Give You What You Want
Earlier this week, I saw a man on video saying "that a man biggest fear is not being able to provide for his family". There are men out there, who doesn’t want to be in a relationship until he knows he is able to care for the family he wants to bring in this corrupt ass world. So, there are men who choose to be single than to bring someone in his sinking ship. When I started my journey of self, my one of my exes wrote me; and said that he knew I was the one but he couldn’t add me in his bullshit I deserve the world; and if he couldn’t give it to me then he didn't want to be with me. As women, we are willing to ride until the wheels fall off for our men. However, we got to understand that a man don’t want us to see that the wheels are falling off. You can take this as excuse that men used not to be in a relationship, but if a man loves you enough to leave; and go get his life together for you then he truly loves you. A real man will try to give his woman, and children everything that they deserve. And that could mean that he has to leave in order to do it, you all might disagree with me. but I have heard men say that, they left their soulmate because he couldn’t give her the world. We can be there to support our men, but we got to know when supporting him is just not enough.

He wants to please you
When a man makes it his mission to please you, and care for you then that is a good sign of a good man. As women,  we know that we’re hard to please. It takes miracles just to put a smile on our face, we’re picky on damn near everything. So, when a man make an effort to please us; and give us everything that we want and desire then we should show him appreciation for trying to please us (look it not a man job to please us when you don’t know how to please your damn self so before you women start that “it a man job to please you” shut that shit down now that is not his job  when he makes an effort to please you then that when it become his job to please you). When a man trying to please you, we usually start to think that he after something from us. But in reality, he just wants to make us happy (every time a man makes effort to make you happy do not mean he wants something so stop saying that).

Last summer I had a man who tried his best to do everything to make me happy, but I was so bitter that I didn’t give him a chance to make me happy. I knew that it was my job to make myself happy at that time, but how I treated him always sit in the back of my mind. Even though he forgave me for everything that I did to him, I still feel the guilt of what I did. The only job that a good man has, is to heal from you what the last man did. And even then, it’s still not his job. If you want to let go of the past then you have to let go of what the last man did, holding on to that pains will keep you down. And that will make you believe, that all men are the “same”. That why I said earlier, if you got the opportunity to be single then take this time to heal from that past pains that inside of you. take the time to remove that hate in your heart, if you don’t take that time to let go of that anger then you will keep on making the same mistake. But what do I know, I’m just here to drop some knowledge on my journey of love; and self.

That Is All


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