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Sleeping With An Broken Heart: How Men Handle A Broken Heart

One of my favorite blogger wrote an article about how men really handle break up. Now when I went to a Facebook group to share the article, women felt like the article was one sided; and that women still get the rotten end of a break-up. Which is true we usually do get hit with more bricks then a man, because if we stay upset about the break up too long then we're consider "damage". But one thing I can say about a man is, they do take the proper amount of time to heal from a break-up, compare to women. Now I know I can't speak on all women, but in the study, that was done it was shown that a man take 12 to 16 months to heal from a break-up. Compare to women who consider themselves heal after 6 to 8 months, however I know that it depends on the person on for how long it will take you to get over that person. Especially if they played with your heart, like it was piece of shit.

But the article share the truth about how men really handle their broken heart, but hell I didn't need an article to know that men do not take certain break up well. I see it on social media all the time, I just sit back and shake my head because it beautiful to see the power that women can possess over a man. However, I do feel sorry for the men because whether women want to believe it or not it takes a lot for a man to give us their heart. See what I love about men is that every woman is not worthy of their loyalty and trust. You have to be a special person for a man to give you his heart. No one can just have it, and that what I love about them. Furthermore, when a man give us his heart best believe we're special for him to share himself with us. And while it beautiful thing to see a woman play the game like a man, it a down part of it as well. The damage man, like a man can cause irreversible damage to a woman, women can do the same but worse. 

Also in the study, it was shown that, if a man heart is truly broken then it will take him longer to move on. 2 to 3 years to be exact all because of a cold-hearted woman, now you will say that we'll he did something in his past for him to get played like that (true). But it still doesn’t justify two wrongs, but that how karma works. But the problem is someone else have pay for the damage of another woman, I experience it when he had his heart broken he acted like the world was coming to an end. And it got to a point where I was just tired of his tears over another woman that I left. But now since I have a better understanding on why men act cold hearted after a break-up, I probably would have stayed around a little bit longer but even if I knew; and stayed it was no point because he was too bitter over his ex. And that the problem women have with a man who gotten his heart broken, we try our damn best to be there for you; and be a caring soul for your time of needs but you got like this woman put a voodoo on you so a woman get tired and leave. When a woman deal with a break-up we have less than 7 days to be sad, and get out our feeling. But you want to sit here, and cry over a woman who moved on with her life. I get it, getting your heart broken hurt but remember you did the same thing to another woman if not multiple women. The point is she didn't sit around, and cry like it was the end of the world she got up; and move on and she wish that you would do the same.

However, that article shows me, there are many levels to understand a man. Not all men are the same, even though we put it our minds to believe they are. We can't just say that all, that men are the same. There are men out there who believes in the true essence of love, but we’re just not ready for it. It’s easy to say that you’re ready for love, but your actions will show the truth. I’m a strong believer that their good men still out here, at the time I wasn’t just ready I needed time to grow in order to be the best I can for the man that I knew that I deserves. Love is gift, that we take for granted. We believe once one person breaks our heart, then other after them will do the same. Which is why I speak on the importance of being alone, learn about that person within you so that you will bring out the best in that person you fallen in love with. But as I say what do I know I’m just here, to drop some knowledge on my journey of self.

That Is All


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