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Holiday Break

Well it that time of year, where we want to spend time with our families. And spouse so, I'm making myself take a break. It's hard but I know I need it, Jan 3th I will return. With a new site, and more stories on love and relationship. So, sit back and enjoy the waves. Also Starting on Jan 3th, I'm taking love questions. So, email me at And I will keep you unknown, just asked me what on your mind.
That Is All

Happy Holidays

Morals Or Fame: The Blame Game Of The Karadashians Family

I held off on this story for some times now, because I write about relationships not celebrities. But just because they’re famous, doesn't mean they’re not like us. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Kim Kardashian loves Kanye west; and she wouldn’t leave him. After all he has done for her, and her family. But after media start reporting that Kim Kardashian, isn't happy in her marriage. And hasn’t been happy for sometime now, I was a little surprised. But when it comes to this family and what they’re willing to do for fame, nothing they do surprise me anymore.

 And also, has now been reported, that the family is blocking former stripper blac Chyna from trademarking the family last name, if she married their baby brother rob Kardashian. This shows how the family feel about their relationship, and the former stripper all together. If the reports are true about the ending of their marriage, it will truly show what kind of woman Kim Kardashian truly is. And her true agenda for ma…

Love Letters From Racine: Are you patient? Or just Waiting?

…and I pose this question because too often we confuse the two. We treat patience as waiting and waiting as patience; conditionally of course. All our lives, certain word choices were used interchangeably for so long we kind of just go with them. For example, when we go to the hospital a PATIENT sits in the WAITING room. Now, patients and patience are not the same, by definition. However, phonetically, they are the same. So, when you hear them from a child to an adult, we assume we know what these words mean because of their repeated association. Therefore, we do not seek to define them; instead, we apply them to our lives through the associations we develop. So, we know, by default, that a patient must be patient in a waiting room; or, plural, patients must have patience in the waiting room. See? Association, not definition. But how does this apply to relationships? Simple.

From a poem, I wrote a while back, one of the lines were “…we misinterpret our complacent nature. Misunderstandi…

Flow Into My Soul: Lyfe Is Dope Vol 3

Two weeks ago, I was invited to check out "Lyfe Is Dope Vol 3". It's was their 3rd year anniversary, and they definitely celebrated that night. They kicked off the night with a top 10 playlist, of the best indie acts in the south. From omega Forte, to hippy soul where some of the artists in their top 10 playlist. But that was just the beginning of what turned out to be one of the best parties I have attended in a long time. There were many more acts to come. The party start jumping with a DJ battle that includes: DJ toonz, Devin steel, and DJ 007 just to name a few. But the main event was none other than Playa fly, and he did not disappoint. The show lasted to the early morning with performance from G-NERD, ladia yates, Brandon brown collective, and flow so, which left me with a dead phone, and not enough pictures. But I will say that, this is a show that needs to be attend. And I can say that I enjoyed myself, want to thank the creator of "Lyfe Is Dope" Michae…

Dating Etiquette 101: The Do's and Don't's Of The First Date

This past summer, before I postpone my dating life. I went on several dates, but this one particular guy I dated made me realize that I had poor dating etiquette. He was a catch, he was a writer, had his own business, and was 6’5. He was easy on the eyes, with a smile to match as well. Every time we would go out he would take me to some of Memphis best restaurants, and different art galleries. But he could tell that, I wasn’t ready to be dating. Because at the time dating was new to me, (that when I realize that I needed to heal myself before I start dating again). When I was in my last situation, I made the biggest mistake by getting comfortable in the relationship. We would just chill, or just watch a movie. I didn’t mind that we didn’t go out, because all I wanted to do was spend my time under him. But as I come to learn, that if you want to keep the relationship fresh then it’s important to not let that fire die out. And boy did our fire die out quickly, but here are six dating mi…

The Whore illusion Of Amber Rose

In October 2015, Amber Rose started this event called “slutwalk”, It’s basically about the Feminist Movement. It’s been around for some years now but Amber Rose made the event more public. Basically, they want the same rights sexually as men, and not to be “slut shamed” as they called it. This event was started originally for a young woman who was bullied by her classmates, after she went to a party at her friend house and went inside her friend closet after playing “7 minutes of heaven” with someone she considers her best friend. The young man allegedly pulled down his pants, and made it seem like she had performed oral sex on him, and opened the closet door so everyone could see them. Amber Rose said that after she read that article, and dealing with her personal attacks from the media and from the men in her past was her reason behind to promoting this event. At first I used to back this event, and I understood her reason behind this movement. But Amber Rose has put this illusion i…

Learning To Walk Alone: Lesson Of A Single Woman

This year was an eye opener for me, I dealt with a pain that I wasn't ready for. And It's broke me down, but it's made me a better woman. And it's gave to the gift to share my story with world, and I'm thankful for everyone who read my blog. From Memphis to Berlin; I'm so thankful for this gift, and I won't ever take this for granted. But let me get back to the story, my spirit was broken this year. But it's took me to get hurt to finally know what, I need in order in a life partner. We hear it all the time from women 'I'm a good woman', and men 'don't appreciate' a good woman. True a man can have everything he want in soulmate, but will find a way to fuck it all up. Awhile yeah, we can blame a man but when we going to look in the mirror and see that we're just as fuck up as men are.

I wrote on here many times how I got my heart broken from my last situation, and I gave my all to him. And I did, but after a while I had to sit …

You & Him: When You Choose To Forgive Him For Cheating

The true testament of a relationship, is forgiveness. Finding in your heart to forgive your spouse, after they have hurt you is a test that many couples have failed. I once said that, when a person chooses to forgive their spouse for hurting them, they are only forgiving them for certain situations. Like a friend of mine; he steps out in the relationship, and he apologize for his actions. They got back together, but you can tell by her actions that she hasn’t forgave him for what he has done to her. Nor do she have plans to forgive him, she whether lie to herself and to him that she forgave him then to be alone. But there are  couples who can forgive their significant other for their mistakes, and grow from the situations. But as well know once a person break your trust, nothing is ever the same again. When the rapper “waka flocka” cheated on his wife Tammy Rivera this past summer, it was all over the celebrity blogs. Everyone knew (in their mind) that his wife Tammy Rivera was going t…

Love Letters From Racine:The Perfect Love

…and I’m willing to stand firm in my statement. A perfect love is real and does exist. The issue? People believe they are imperfect beings created by a perfect creator; instant divide between the conscious and subconscious minds. So, we live as if we are imperfect due to the conscious mind’s experience with the world; which, in turn, makes our experience with love seem “imperfect.” From vanity and beauty to marriage and children, an outside force has dictated love for us. From diamonds being a girl’s best friend to the way to a man’s heart being the stomach, we have completely forgotten what it is to love and be involved in a relationship with unconditional commitment.

Now, the reason why I say forgotten, and not lost, is because there was a time when our love for each other was pure and raw. That time was during our childhoods. Think back to your very first crush. The first person that ever made your soul shiver. The first person to ever make you smile while they were away. The first …