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It's Ok To Find You Before You Say I Do

When I was sixteen I knew I was going to be married before I was 25. I knew I was going to be married to a artist, and have 4 children living in the country. But now here I am two weeks away from my 27th birthday, and I'm so far from that dream. As beautiful as that dream sounds I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life at sixteen, I just knew that I wanted to be marry. But as I continue my quest of finding what I truly need in my life, and what I need in a
relationship, I realized that even if I had the opportunity to have all of that before I was 25 I would probably be divorce by the time I was 25, and even more fuck up I probably would have dump my children on my parents because I knew I wouldn't be mentally prepared to be a young mother of 4 children.

When I see women who are 25, and younger as mothers and wives I just tip my hat off to them.
As much I would have loved to be in that position where my life were all the way together by the time I was 25, I know now that it's was best that I made my mistakes before I was 25. There are some situation-ship, and men I would love to rewind the hand of times and take back, but if I didn't make those mistake I probably wouldn’t have these stories I try to share with you all, and continue my quest to help young women not to make the same mistakes I made. But It's was shown that couples under the age of 20 were ten times more likely to get a divorce, then a couple who married in their early 30s. Couples who were under the age of 20 years old divorce rate were 27.6 percent per women, and 11.7 percent per men. Couples who married between the age of 21 to 24 years old divorce rate were 36.6 percent per women, and 38.8 percent per man. But when you look at the couples who married at 25, and older the numbers of divorce dropped tremendously. When you get married before you live your life, you’re opening doors for problems in your marriage. You have to live your life first in order to see that you’re not missing much from life, you have to get all those desires, and urges to have freedom out your mind, and spirit before you settle down to marriage.

It's wasn't until I was 25 that I realized that I was more worried about a relationship, then I was
about my own happiness, and my career. The fear of being alone is real, we let that fear keep us from our goals, and pursuing our dreams. Yes, it's nice to have someone to share your life with, but if you got nothing else to offer but your heart then that will leave your spouse asking you: What can you bring to the table in this relationship beside you. I didn't even know what my career choice was going to be, I let others choose my career for me, and thought that what I should do. It's wasn't until I got my heart broken that I finally saw my mistakes, and how I needed to get my life together before I become a broken woman, or a single mother (there nothing wrong with being a single mother, I know plenty of them but if I have the opportunity to be a wife before I'm a single mother then I will take that opportunity).

Love will come in your life if you are patient to the journey to get there, when you spend all your time looking for love, you will lose the love you suppose to have for yourself. I realize that the time I spent looking for someone to love me I was losing myself, and putting away my new dreams for a childhood dream I had since I was sixteen. You have to live life therefore when you meet the love of your life, you will have story to share with him. If you are not happy being single, then you will never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first, then share it. Being single doesn’t mean that you know nothing about love. Sometimes being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship.

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