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How One Toxic Relationship Can Control A Man Outlook On Women

If you know me personally, then you know I have two male best friends. I love them both with all my heart, and knowing them had brought me much joy in my life. When I need a male insight, they are the first people I go to. But when I asked them why its take men longer to get over a break-up, they don’t have an answer that work for me. Break-up are hard, as we all know that I have said that many times on here, in fact 25,989 times to be exact. When a woman go through a break-up, we try to move on. We let go of our favorite song that remind us of him (I just start back listening to msuiq soulchild), we block him on social media (or he block us), and we remove everything that remind us of him so we can move on with our lives, and try to start anew again after the heartbreak. But when a man go through a break up let just say it’s a different ball game. When a man give you his heart, its took him a long road to get to that place where he trust you with his heart. Yes, women have a hard time trusting a man as well but we more willing to take that risk to trust a man than a man is willing to trust a woman. For a man, its take more for him to be open with the idea of sharing his heart. I see it all the time on social media, in fact one guy particularly, he broke up with his girlfriend a year ago but he still cry about her like it’s just happen a week ago.

It was said that a woman take 6 to 8 weeks to move on from a relationship, but its take a man 15 to 23 weeks to heal from a relationship. There are some men that I believe to be mess up after a break-up, but then there are those men who use their break-up to trick women into sleeping with them. it’s easy to fall for, when you see a man on social media sad about losing his girl. He posting the old pictures, and talking about all the stuff they used to do, and how they were so in love. That sexy to women well, some women because women don’t like to see a grown man cry especially over no woman. But when you have women looking for love, and longing for a relationship it’s easy to fall for. So, your inbox him, and you start talking to him and he telling you everything (well almost everything) about him, and now you looking at her like she is a fool like how did she let a good man like this go. So, you set a date (well what you think is a date), and you go on this date thinking that you will be a different woman for him. Maybe even his soulmate, but not realizing that you’re a date with a man with no soul.

When a man get, his heart broken there are many different reasons, because when a man fall in love he all the way in. when a woman say that men don’t know how to love, then she never experiences a man when he truly in love. When a man in love, he is a completely different man. he more open, and he willing to share his thoughts, and his secrets he ready to let you in his world. He putting you on the same level as his mother, and for a man to be willing to share spirits means that he truly in love with you. Like the love I see that my brother-in-law have for my big sister, and that love my father has for my mother I have seen true love by looking at them. So, when a man get his heart broken after opening his heart, and spirits to a woman then he no longer the same man he once was. She was his teacher to show him how to love, she gave him a feeling that he could that he could share his soul with another. So, when she left she took a part of him with her, and now he trying to find that piece that she took from him. So, while he on that journey he will be lonely, he will have needs. when he posting how he wants a woman, and he miss being in a relationship he basically talking about her. He has no desire to be with another woman right now, he want the woman that took his spirit. Until he gets his spirit back on his own he will not be willing to share what left of his spirit with another woman, with the fear of another woman taking what left of him.

While you are looking for love, he is looking for quick fix IE sex. So you on this date, not realizing you about to get your heart broken. He warned you that he didn’t want another relationship, BUT you didn’t listen to him. That why its important to listen to a man when he speak, because a man will tell you his intentions upfront. A man can tell when a woman wants more than he is willing to offer, so when you don’t listen to his warnings then he will hurt you. He is going let you down, in many ways then one. He is going to play around, and sleep around. You will not be the only woman, that he is talking to. Instead of a relationship, you will be in a situation-ship. But you will stay, because there will be days where he will show his softer side that will make you feel like this is worth it. Then there will be those days, where you will just break down, and cry lord knows I had many of those days last year.

And it’s not that women don’t respect a man when he gets his heart broken, it’s the level of how long he will sit in his pains of his last relationship that women have a problem with. We get out heartbroken many times, and we feel pain as well. But it’s like a time limit on how long we can be hurt. It’s like we have one week to cry, and be feel sad about our relationship before we have to pick ourselves up and let go. But a man will let one woman control his mind, and spirit for months, to damn near years. Or so he says, a man can be over the whole relationship, and have found his spirit. But he just doesn’t want another relationship, and instead of keeping it 100% he will lie and lead you on to think he wants a relationship. Men will have used their heart break to used women, they feel like since he got played its time to play with someone else feeling. I know there are some men who can really get hurt by a woman, because women know how to play the game better than some men. and will break a man heart, and walk away like nothing even happen. And that can break a man, then there those toxic relationships that men stay in just to say they have someone. But remember, every relationship is a choice if we choose to stay in a bad situation we have no one to blame but ourselves. But how long will you let someone control your happiness, before you let go, and believe in love again. You can’t put all women in one category, cause of one women. There are good in people, but if we choose or stay around toxic waste then that a choice we must learn to live with. But what do I know I’m just here to drop some knowledge, while I’m on my journey of completion.

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