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Being The Best Best Brotha I Can Be

Written By Will.Harm
This will be my last time writing on here. But who knows what today,  or tomorrow will bring. But to sum it up, the fly guy always get left to pick up the trash. I want you to understand queens, my mistakes and promises a brotha that can teach you. And give you that breath of fresh air.

1.    Growing up!
Rather if it's choice, or by force. In life, a brotha face the hardest reality from the day he is born until he is a grown man, and that a known fact.

2.facing false reality vs battle with "self"
  Learning new knowledge everyday will always bring you something new, and unexpected. Playing checkers is more of a child game, but playing chess is more professional to your mind. I ran by this picture saying, we’re living in the age of information. It’s very important to regain all the knowledge, and to be more aware in order to be on top of everything. "Hustle hard" should be an oath to live by, and strive for. I’m working hard to make myself, and you proud of me my black queens.

3. Playing the cards right! 
The older you get, the more an brotha is in search for a (soul-mate). The balance of wisdom, and understanding is what you want to find in your soulmate. Being the "best" also falls down to not being perfect, or the man you've "dreamed" of. The little things that give you joy, peace, and happiness is what also helping you heal. And rebuild sculptures, and pyramids I’m not a machine, I’m human. Turn off those electronics, and take a walk outside and let your mind rest. And see the beauty that, the universe have to offer us.

4.Answer your own questions in silence! Take life, and people as a messenger.
Everything happens for a reason, my deepest apology is for not listening, and communicating with you. And to let you know when you were right, depending on the conversation of the discussion. And when I was wrong, I let my pride get in the way. "Pride" can be damaging, or it can be applied to the "rules" of (RESPECT) for each other. An opinion should be an agreement, or disagreement its should not cause any drama and harm to one another.

5.I am Your brother, your father, your son, your uncle, your friend, your family, your husband, and most importantly "the original man".  Please believe in me, like I believe in you. One day that "hero" won't be here physically, only in your remembrance.

6.Inspired to be the "best" As the years goes by my #1 goal is to be wise. I can’t speak on the other brothas. Ms,Universe but look deep within your heart, to never give up on the "original man". Let's be honest here, you brought me in this world. You could've destroyed me, on top of that you could have even turned your back on me. I'm just a brotha that want a piece of the world, to gain his own 40 acres and a mule one last time.

7. Flavor in your ear
Earth waves are deep inside, of the mind like listening to music. Queens, please understand my rights from my wrongs, and my wrongs from my rights. Listen to your heart, and stop receiving negative information from the dead-minded individuals. Be mindful queens, the system is set up for both of us to fail, and most of all turn us "AGAINST" each other. My job as the lyric to # 5 is my world, and atmosphere is to treat you as my companion, give you my trust, and my loyalty, and my friendship. The biggest goal is to connect back to the vines, and to plant the seed, and to watch it grow. Into something that is "Natural", and yet so mind blowing.

8. Dark clouds
 "Surviving" the law, broken school system, prison system, the murders, evil spirits, economic power of the world can crash us down! The mind can be a silent killer, if you don't chase your dreams and goals! We all can overcome any obstacles, and storms. Remember queens, this government is not design for us. Just remember I will never be your enemy, only your lover.

9.Re-Build the pyramids
 The foundation start in the home, with a creative architecture of the mind. So, my question to you queen is how can the "original man" get back to the throne. how can a man, define the laws of gravity? How can I face the system that oppresses us, and most of all "murder" us in cold blood? Do you get the bigger picture, without you queen our designs our empire will be crushed, and thrown to the wolves. if we don't work to together to beat this "spiritual warfare" we will vanished.

10. The last hope 
As the last hope queens, we're all we got. you are the important ingredient, for us is to "heal". If we are going to save ourselves, how we can move forward as a people. Queens, just letting you see how smart, intelligent, sweet, peaceful, and most of all the angel of god green earth. My soulful spirits whispers in your ear, to let me be the best brotha that I can be. Let me try, we all gone die one day. All we need is one last chance is to make things right, to make you smile to, and to tell you "I’m sorry" for the million of times. Bringing back to the root of things, is to protect, provide the secret weapon the "TEACHING".  Beautiful lady, please see through your glass lenses open your eyes "picture" a vision seeing "soul" brotha #1 rises up to 360 degrees back to existence. Now tell me Ms.______________ Just "remember" am only trying to be the best brotha that I can be. "BELIEVE" in me please.


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