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2 Different Men, 2 Different Rules: How Women Make The Same Mistakes

Do you ever notice that when you really into a guy you let some shit that he does slide, what you let him get away with you wouldn’t dare let another man do the same. If the other dude even tired to the same thing, you ready to walk out the door and wouldn’t look back. When I did try to date earlier this year, I told a guy that I didn’t want him to talk nor look at other women. And the crazy part was he wasn’t even my man, but I told him if he did talk or look at another woman while he was talking to me it was over. And I got away with it for awhile……. for 7 weeks, he got sick of all my rules and left. But what was crazy, was that my ex was messing with multiple women and I didn’t say one word. I was as quiet as a church mouse, because in my mind he was with me they were just temporary. But what I notice while its nothing wrong with dating around, because you need to make sure you making the right choice before you put all your eggs in one basket. But if you dating multiple men, you can’t have different rules for each man.

When a woman finally think, she learns the game, she wants to date around and make sure that her next relationship is her best relationship. so, she testing the water as much as possible, and while there will be some men she that is into, and are fun to go out with, there are other men that she dreams of a future with. But that usually the man who is allow to get away with everything. He can treat you anyway he wants to treat you, and he free to do whatever he wants as well. He aware that you dating other men, which is why he treat you like he do. You not paying attention to how he treats you so it’s easy to look past the level of disrespect he giving you, while he free to do whatever his heart desire. You giving the other guy who actually cares about you a hard time. And those usually are the good guys that we should be looking for, (I used to want a good guy, until I realize now that every guy think he a good guy but really he a fuck boy in good clothing). He the guy that call you in the morning, he the guy that text you and asked you how was your day, and he the guy who willing to date at your pace, and want to get to know you and treat you like you deserve.  But he makes mistakes, and which is why you give him a hard time. He showing you that he not perfect, and he showing you his true colors. That he a man that going to make mistakes, but if you give him a try then he will treat you like the queen that you are. And will be there whenever you need him, but while women think they got the game down pact, they soon realize that while you think you’re two step ahead of a man, he will always be ten steps ahead of you.

The man that you want to be with, and in your mind, see a future with is a master manipulator, he got hurt by a woman that he saw a real future with. Which is why he know the next move you going to play, and knows exactly when you're going to be ready for a relationship. When he calls you at 2 a.m. to come over and “talk”, you see nothing wrong with it because you see a future with him. You don’t notice that you have more booty call with him, then actual dates. And when you do ask him about why you he don’t take out on a date, he got a million reason why; his usually favorite reply “he busy”. And that okay with you, because when you two are together sparks do fly. He makes you feel grown, and sophisticated he treat you how (in your mind) a grown woman should be treated. Furthermore, you not realizing you he treating you how men in your past have treated you, except you can’t tell the difference nor are you trying to see the difference. Your eyes are as closed as they were from your previous failed relationships, you say that you learn from your past mistakes but you’re making the same mistakes over and over again. What you looking for is right in front of you, but you’re drawn to the same man as usual. Full of lies, and offering bullshit on a gold platter. When he senses that you’re ready for a relationship, that when he will take off his sheep coat. His true colors will show, but he already shows you how he felt about you. And like you always do, you look past the warnings signs. It’s like when a man buy you a gift on February 15th, and claims he forgot that other day was valentine’s day. He didn’t forget, he just knew he wasn’t going to spend it with you. Which is why he didn’t call, nor text you all day. (to me I can care less about valentine’s day because a man should show how he feel every day not one damn day out the year). The point is, anytime there an opportunity to show you any affection, and to show you that he cares he will avoid it, and he make sure to not gives you any signs that he could possibly care about you. but like always you will stay, and hope that he will change. But a master manipulator doesn’t change, he just makes the game much harder.

When you set people at different standards, that is when you will get hurt. It’s nothing wrong playing the fields, but make sure you know how to play the field. Men love to say that “we play games better than men” which is true, but why do we always seems to round up getting our heart broken. Yes, we will play games in order for us not to get hurt, but when we start to grow feelings all those games get thrown out the window. Our guards are now down, and now we ready to let you into our world so we can build a future together. While we stopped playing the game, you still playing. And you never stopped playing, nor do you have any planned to stop playing mind games either. What people don’t realize when it comes to your heart, people aren’t loyal to you, they are loyal to their needs of you. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty. Meanwhile no one want to get played, but you can’t keep making the same mistakes either. The point from all of your situation-ships and relationships is to learn from your mistakes, and to take a deeper look into what you need around you. bad spirits will always be around you, unless you change your prospective of what you want around you, and near you. there no such thing as the “perfect man’, just a man that is perfect for you. But what do I know, I’m just here to drop some knowledge on my spiritual journey.

That Is All….


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