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Being The Best Best Brotha I Can Be

Written By Will.Harm
This will be my last time writing on here. But who knows what today,  or tomorrow will bring. But to sum it up, the fly guy always get left to pick up the trash. I want you to understand queens, my mistakes and promises a brotha that can teach you. And give you that breath of fresh air.
1.Growing up!
Rather if it's choice, or by force. In life, a brotha face the hardest reality from the day he is born until he is a grown man, and that a known fact.

2.facing false reality vs battle with "self"
  Learning new knowledge everyday will always bring you something new, and unexpected. Playing checkers is more of a child game, but playing chess is more professional to your mind. I ran by this picture saying, we’re living in the age of information. It’s very important to regain all the knowledge, and to be more aware in order to be on top of everything. "Hustle hard" should be an oath to live by, and strive for. I’m working hard to make myself, and you p…

The Understanding Of Depression: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

We all knew for sometime now, that Kanye west needed help. We saw how his mother's death, affected him. He wasn’t the same man that we grew to love. I remember when I first heard “through the wire”, it gave me that motivation to believe that I can make it through any obstacle if I keep faith, and keep working towards my dreams. He also wasn’t afraid to speak his mind; he didn’t care if he lost everything just from one statement he was going to say how he felt. And that's what we love about him, his gift of music and his freedom of speech. But after the loss of his mother, Kanye west didn't seem like himself anymore. On November 21, Kanye west was checked into UCLA medical psychiatric ward just after he went on a rant once again about jay-z, and BeyoncĂ© not reaching out to him after his wife kim kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in paris the night before at his sold-out show, and he also cancel the remainder of his sold-out tour earlier that day. What many people didn’t rea…


Written By Aaron J.

I don’t want to try and define love. I want it to happen right in front of me. As I’m sure all of you want the same thing. I’m in a first love kind of mood. Is it ok if I talk about it with you guys? I can? Great. I thought I’d give "AmoreUnscripted" readers an insight into the subject. Just the views from one to another. 
For some of us it can be hard to believe in it, especially just after separating from the experience.

Recently on my home I was invited to an event a friend was attending. The occupancy was a little dry considering such a lively area. The main performer was a local artist that had just recently arrived from a short trip to New York. I could notice her energy throughout the room, I continuously turned my head towards her direction not consciously noticing why I wanted to. That was until I had an opportunity to meet her after the performance in which I finally understood why my instincts kept pointing me in her direction. The moment I met…

2 Different Men, 2 Different Rules: How Women Make The Same Mistakes

Do you ever notice that when you really into a guy you let some shit that he does slide, what you let him get away with you wouldn’t dare let another man do the same. If the other dude even tired to the same thing, you ready to walk out the door and wouldn’t look back. When I did try to date earlier this year, I told a guy that I didn’t want him to talk nor look at other women. And the crazy part was he wasn’t even my man, but I told him if he did talk or look at another woman while he was talking to me it was over. And I got away with it for awhile……. for 7 weeks, he got sick of all my rules and left. But what was crazy, was that my ex was messing with multiple women and I didn’t say one word. I was as quiet as a church mouse, because in my mind he was with me they were just temporary. But what I notice while its nothing wrong with dating around, because you need to make sure you making the right choice before you put all your eggs in one basket. But if you dating multiple men, you …

Single Woman Night Out: Bilal

Wednesday night, one of the most underrated artists performs in Memphis, and his name is Bilal. if you have never seen this man perform live, then you are definitely missing out on one of the best artist in neo-soul. So, I chose to make this night a date night but with myself. Ok, kind of with myself I had an extra ticket left and gave it to one of my friend. But nevertheless, I still had a great time. Before Bilal bless the stage he had two men that also shut the place down. Juju bushman, and Marco pave. I have seen juju perform several times before, and each time its seem like he leaves you mesmerize. He did a three-song set that left everyone wanting more of the local act, but what people didn’t know that he was also guest in the next opening act Marco pave.

This was my first time catching this up& coming rapper, but there is a buzz going around this guy so I couldn’t wait and see this guy perform. And like juju, Marco did not let me down. He performs with a mixture of a DJ, and…

Love Letters From Racine: Microwaves,Fast Food, And Realtionships

…Now, of course, this is not about microwaves and fast food in a literal sense. It’s a metaphor about how we’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification through many of our societal changes. We look at our relationships in terms of how quick we can make the other fall for us. We no longer allow the genuine, organic flow of connection to happen anymore. We simply want the result in the beginning, causing us to miss out on a perfect relationship because we just can’t wait for the perfection to develop.
Let me first say that this is not everybody; nor is it every relationship. However, it is a root cause in a high percentage of failed relationships. In today’s times, we take advantage of the social interactions we have on a day to day; interactions that cut connection curves significantly. From text messages to video calls to the DM’s, it really goes down. We have the luxury of spending 24 hours with someone who is not in our physical presence. Granted, this can be very good and benefici…

How One Toxic Relationship Can Control A Man Outlook On Women

If you know me personally, then you know I have two male best friends. I love them both with all my heart, and knowing them had brought me much joy in my life. When I need a male insight, they are the first people I go to. But when I asked them why its take men longer to get over a break-up, they don’t have an answer that work for me. Break-up are hard, as we all know that I have said that many times on here, in fact 25,989 times to be exact. When a woman go through a break-up, we try to move on. We let go of our favorite song that remind us of him (I just start back listening to msuiq soulchild), we block him on social media (or he block us), and we remove everything that remind us of him so we can move on with our lives, and try to start anew again after the heartbreak. But when a man go through a break up let just say it’s a different ball game. When a man give you his heart, its took him a long road to get to that place where he trust you with his heart. Yes, women have a hard ti…

Levels Of A Love Ballad: The 6 Elements Of Love

Written By Will.Harm The topic is about the battle of love. Because it’s a message behind every person you said hello to, or been in a relationship with. Again I am only voicing my opinion. Please people be aware I'm only human a K.I.N.G.

Past love  I call this past love because when you’re in a class learning to create your world, it will reflect from the place that been lost, and found. Because a past love, will reflect how you treat your present relationships.

Grow to love  My mother use to tell me all the time, that some people don't know how to be a friend which it’s true. So how can you plant the seed, if you don’t pay attention to every detail? Like the brotha PAC once said "Spark the Brain". The morals, and principals starts in the household. While some people are thankful to have a structured family, some are not. Take a good look around you in this corrupt world we’re living in, it's so high tech, and powerful to the mind. In this day, and age your mind will…

Break Up To Make Up: Think Twice Before Going Back To An Ex

When a couple break up, there is a reason behind their choice to part ways. But after you spend time apart, in your mind you're not ready to go back to the single life. So you decide, that you want to give that old love another try. For some people time apart can be good for the heart. And can bring a couple who was once lost, close again. But sometimes we let the thought of starting over again, make us feel like there is no one else is out there but your ex. I was in this place once, but you have to understand that if you go back before you find yourself then all you will do is round up hurting yourself, and hating your ex even more. You can’t help who you love, but if you can choose who you go back to. you got make sure that this is what you truly want, because it’s no use going back just to look like the fool twice. So before you go back to your comfort zone, here are five reasons you should think twice.

You have to ask yourself if you want him or if you just want a boyfriend. Yo…