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There Are Good Men Out There: Ciara And Russell Wilson

One of the most talked about relationship between black people is the marriage of Russell Wilson and Ciara. While women praised the relationship between the pair, and hope that they can meet a man with a heart, and soul like Russell. When you talked to black men about their opinion on the couple well let just say that she is called everything mess up under the sun. Black men talk down about Ciara like she one of their ex-girlfriend, or baby mother and felt like how she treats her child father (rapper future) was disrespectful. While there are some points that I do agree with what men has said about the relationship, I also feel like this is the typical anger that men have when a woman decide that she will no longer wait for a man to get what she truly desire, and deserve when it's comes to her heart.

If you look at the relationship of Ciara and future, you wonder why Ciara would even get with a man like that in the first place. While I have no issue with dating a man that have a child, but to date a man with three different baby mother that he didn’t marry nor become serious with none of them, should have raised a flag in her eyes. But like women who choose date men with multiple baby mothers she thought that she would be treated differently than the other three women he impregnated. They dated for a year and half, then they made that sexy video for her song "body party”, and everyone thought that they a good-looking couple and could possibly last especially after the baby future, and their engagement.

But reportedly he wasn't even there for the delivery of his son, and he cheated on her with one of his baby mother shortly after she gave birth allegedly which caused the couple to break up. In which left her own father to play the role as the father because future reportedly wasn't around after baby future was born. But I didn't hear any men say anything about this, they were so mute you could hear a pen drop. But as soon as she started dating Russell Wilson, and he took on the role as step father to her son all the sudden she the biggest whore in the world now. And now future is reportedly upset because Russell is playing daddy to his son even though he is rarely seen with his son. But future have said that he doesn’t like public attention so if he not photographs with his son that do not mean he do not keep his son on a regular basic, or that he don't see son on a regular basis as well. But men quickly jump on future side saying that she was wrong, and she should have waited until future were ready for marriage instead of getting with a "corny weak ass man” like Russell Wilson.

But this is what typically happen when a man expects a woman to wait until he gets done with whatever the heck he wants to do before he commit. A man can be wrong as two left shoes, and can even break your heart into a million pieces, but all of that go out the window when you hurt his feelings, and think you should wait for him to become the man you need instead of getting with a man that already at that place where he ready for exact same thing as you. Now, yes I do agree with men when they said that she shouldn't have been so public with her new relationship, but she did what women do when they finally meet a damn good man. She wanted the world to see that she met a good man, and that he treated her like a queen. Now I also don't think that it's was fair of her to share pictures of Russell and baby future playing like they were father, and son. it's was like she rubbing in future face that if you're not going to step up, and be the father that baby future need then I will find a man that will which is what Russell have been doing since they been together. Like that one incident of Russell and baby future playing football pictures where release that all you heard black men talk about calling her out her name, and calling him a punk. And then future made that song I love "wicked" talking about the pictures incident.

But this is what all black couples talk about was this relationship, they had more options about their relationship then Kim and Kanye relationship. But I couldn’t understand why right after getting engaged to Russell Wilson that she sued future, in the lawsuit she said that future where messing up her name, and making her lose endorsements. But It's just made her look petty and still hurt by what future did in their relationship, because she have the so called woman American dream, but she didn't look like she was happy. She didn't even want to say his name on "good morning America" it's was like what point you trying to prove, she couldn't get rid of him because he is her child father, and when he gets older he will see this and asked questions about why you hated his father so much. And when you have, children involved talking down about their father, or the mother is like you talking down about them, and making them feel like you don't love them because of the hate you have for the father or the mother. Remember when you have sex there is no gun to your head, so you have a choice to use a condom or not to use one. So, if you get pregnant, and it's not the person you want to have a child with remember YOU CHOSE THEM.

But since then Ciara drop the lawsuit against future, and she and Russell have gotten married, and now about to have a child together. I can see Russell and Ciara going for the long run, the way that man loves her it's shows that he will fight for that marriage, and her before he walks away. And that what all women want is a man to fight for her, and be scared to lose them like she be scared to lose you. Future wasn't scared to lose her which is why he let her go so easily, but hopefully they can become great friends for the sake of their son. For now, all we can do is sitting back and watch, and judge like we don't have problems of our own to worry about.

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