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The Cheat Code for Healing Our Community

Written By Cande M.

Recently, with the influx of “woke” individuals and more people beginning to care about
the state of the black community, I hear a lot of talk about working on our mental health, group
economics, and the relationships between males and females. This is good... actually, this is
GREAT! This means that more black people are becoming open to taking the necessary steps
to improve their lives - instead of just following tradition and embracing complacency. To me, it
is important to always connect divinity to humanity and spirituality to the natural, so I am going
to give a broad solution to the issues by providing a comprehensive analysis of
masculine and feminine principles. As we can clearly see within the black community, our
families are dysfunctional, we are (collectively) living in poverty, and we are going through a
major identity crises. Of course, other communities have issues and we are not the only group
with a dire need for balance, but aren’t we tired of using other communities as a standard when
it has only ever held us back? We need to implement balance for ourselves and for the
generations to come, so that we can sustain a proud, healthy, and long-standing heritage... Not
to look good for other races.

Disclaimer: this discussion of masculinity and femininity has nothing to do with the “homosexual
agenda” that a lot of people speak of; that topic is a totally different article of its own. I will
address this common misconception later in this reading.

Defining Divine Femininity
The divine feminine, in my own words, is the connection to the spirit realm... the principle of the
unseen. Femininity can be described as the ability to express and process emotions, as well as
specialize in the use of intuition. A feminine individual focuses on the big picture when looking at
ideas - not the fine details. I know you may be wondering why it is so important for us to
acknowledge the divine feminine. Well, these days, both females and especially males are
encouraged to never express or embrace emotion... This can be dangerous because with the
absence of emotional expression, comes emotional instability, which can cause a chain reaction
of self-harm or harm towards others. Don’t get it twisted... you may not be EXPRESSING your
emotion, but even unseen, your emotions are inevitable and will always exist. To give you a
better idea of femininity, I have included a list of feminine characteristics below.

Community Oriented
Creative & Expressive
Defining Vital Masculinity

If the divine feminine is the connection to the spirit realm, then obviously, vital masculinity is the
connection to the natural realm. I use the term vital, because masculinity (in both males and
females) is necessary for our survival on Earth. A masculine person is best described as being a
critical thinker and one that makes decisions with the use of logic, reason, and common sense.

A predominantly masculine person also focuses on the fine details and requires proof before
making any judgements. A masculine person is a provider and protector of their followers.
Below are a few more characteristics that can give you a more extensive understanding of


Destroying the misconceptions...
I have been wanting (for a long time) to eradicate all misconceptions about masculinity and
femininity. A lot of the issues our community suffers from, comes from a lack of understanding...
an understanding of the balance of feminine and masculine energy in our realm of living.

Neither femininity nor masculinity have anything, I repeat, NOTHINGGGGGG to do with
sexual orientation. A male could be undoubtedly heterosexual and still be considered
feminine; this is not attributed to our society’s gender-specific mannerisms like swinging
his hips or getting his nails done, but to the fact that he may react to situations with the
absence of critical thought. In this example, a [stereotypical] homosexual man
should be considered FLAMBOYANT, not feminine. Let us keep in mind that femininity
and masculinity have less to do with mannerisms and more to do with personality.

Every individual, male and female, should have a healthy balance of both masculine and
feminine energy in order to reach their greatest potential in life. It is not for men to ONLY
be masculine and it is not for women to ONLY be feminine.

A lot of people think that one energy is more important than another, which is
dangerous, especially seeing how too much masculinity has contributed to the loss of
effective education in our school systems, the corruption of our government and judicial
system, and the poverty that capitalism has forced on so many people. Too much
femininity in our homes contributed to the behavior issues with our youth, the emotional
instability in so many of our people, and the lack of accountability in people that are
supposed to be our leaders. What too many people fail to realize is that neither type of
energy is distinguished without the presence of the other. Too much of anything can
always become a bad thing when there is no check and balance between the concepts.

Violence and the number of sexual partners an individual has accumulated does not
define how masculine one is. If anything, having many sexual partners and a short
temper would make that person feminine. Acting on impulse to “resolve” conflict is acting
with the absence of reasoning and as learned previously, reasoning is a masculine trait.
In terms of sexual partners, the more you accumulate, the more you show that you
depend on others to fulfill your desires - whether it be to stroke your ego or to make you
feel good for the moment; this puts you on the receiving end, which is femininity.

How Healing Begins
The first step to healing anything is understanding what caused the ailment to begin with. As
stated previously, a lot of our community issues stem from lack of understanding of masculine
and feminine principles. Below are a few examples of what we can work on within our
households and immediate communities...

In education (especially the public-school system), a lot of our children have behavioral
issues because they are being overloaded by masculine energy 8 hours a day, never
being balanced with creative and expressive (feminine) energy. Our children do not have
the opportunity to express themselves in school because they are only made to follow
orders and go by a strict schedule. Once a child decides that they can no longer stand
the overload of masculine energy, they will rebel by overcompensating with too much
feminine energy. This can be seen when the students do things like skip class or “talk
back” to authority figures (including their parents).
In opposition to students being smothered by masculine energy at school, some youth
lean towards being too feminine due to their home life. Some parents do not implement
any discipline in their daily routines, which leads to the young not establishing habits that
embody masculine energy. For example, some children are not expected to make any
contributions around the home, but have parents that will give them anything they ask
for. These types of practices lead to feelings of entitlement... always receiving but never
giving/providing. Feelings of entitlement are signs of too much feminine energy.

As far as economics go, we actually need to implement more feminine energy into
building wealth. We know all the strategies used to run a successful business, save
money, and raise our credit score. However, sometimes we forget that in order for us to
collectively elevate in the economic race, we must make plans that require everyone in
the community to work together. For example, instead of the common savings plans we
use through financial institutions, we should begin making susu savings plans among
family and friends. These are plans that everyone can benefit from - and at a faster pace
than you would waiting to accumulate interest from a savings account. These types of
practices are community oriented, which means implementing them would be
implementing feminine energy into economics. Look around... group economics is the
largest factor of why other competing races is so far ahead of us.
There are many other examples of community issues that could be resolved by balancing
masculine and feminine principles, but the few examples provided should give you a good idea
of how to go about the “healing” process for other topics. It does take practice, especially since
we are accustomed to living a certain way. However, once we get into the habit of bringing
balance into our daily practices, we will begin to see improvement in the black community.
Today, you have taken the first step by gaining an understanding of masculine and feminine
principles; you now have a cheat code for elevation and community healing.

Peace Family!


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