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Signs He Is Not Ready For Marriage...

We all hit that time in our relationship where we talk about the future of the relationship, we get to the point where we are tired of playing house well correction the women are tired of playing house. But what about him? In a study done by daily mail an average couple should wait until they been together for 3 years before getting married, or talk of marriage comes up. But what if he not ready for marriage? Well here are signs that he not ready for marriage no time soon.

It’s been years!!!!
We have all been in a relationship where when it’s in a good place, then why should we mess with it? True, but as you start to notice the years passing by, 1 year turn into 2 years ,And 2 years turn into 5 years. And all your friends are married with children but you, and now you’re wondering why haven’t he asked you to married him. I get it, marriage is nothing but a piece of paper, but if it’s just a piece of paper then why are you waiting so long before you sign that piece of paper? Yes and I also know that sometime its do be the woman in the relationship as well, she don’t want to rush into marriage, and make a choice to wait before she make that jump into marriage. but eventually its will come a time to have that talk because it’s no used to be in a relationship when you don’t see a future with each other. Before we make that step into marriage we do have some goal that we want to complete before we get marry, it doesn’t matter if it’s a 2nd degree, or you want to travel, you just want to do more before make that step. But if your spouse don’t feel the same way you feel then its time have that talk, it's no used in wasting years with someone if you don’t see your marrying that person no times soon.

He doesn’t believe in marriage
When you first got together he told you how he felt about marriage, and you didn’t believe him. You felt like he just haven’t met the right woman, and you were going to change his mind about marriage. Fast forward to 5+ years later, you still no closer to getting that ring. And you have everything but the title, so in your mind you feel like if you guys are living together, and having children together, and you been through all the rough patches together then you don’t need a ring. Most women settle for this kind of relationship because he always comes back after he sees that you will always be there after he treat you like shit, The obvious message here is that if a man tells you that he doesn’t believe in marriage he is not really a marriage phobic, he’s just doesn’t believe in marrying YOU. Some men know off top when he first meet you if he going to try for a relationship, or if he just going to play with your feelings. So if he warn you off top about his views on relationship, and love then it's time to leave because he not about to change the way he feel just to please you no time soon.

He doesn’t make future plans with you
Have you ever paid attention to him when he talk about his future? Do you notice how when he talk about his future he leaves you out of it? Most women won’t pay attention to this because it’s easy to overlook it, but it’s an important piece on how he feel about you, and you guys whole relationship. While you’re planning a future with him, he letting it be known that he don’t see one with you. Most men don’t share his thoughts on this; because they feel like we won’t understand why they feel the way they feel, and we will overthink the whole situation all together. So he whether deal with his feelings alone, but if he still doesn’t plan a future that involves you, your boyfriend has absolutely no plans of marrying you. The other question you need to ask yourself if, he is even interested in what your future plans are? If not, then it’s time to walk away from this relationship.

You’re not his first choice
I said this several times before when a man ready to be in a relationship, then nothing will stop him from being in a relationship. But when a man get his heart broken its completely different from when a woman get her heart broken. Everyone references their past when thinking about present and future relationships.  If your man is constantly bringing up how great his ex-girlfriend or ex-fiancĂ© was, this may be cause for alarm.  Although it’s out of your control, you may be in love with him, but he’s in love with a memory.  This will manifest as your man comparing you to this ex; trying to change core things about you and lastly attempting to mold you into a replica of her. And some women will allows their men to change them I did, but if he not in love with the woman that you are then he will never love you.

He’s afraid you will leave him
There is no such thing as a “perfect man”, a real man will have flaws, and have some personal demons. But no matter what his problems are, when a man is ready to try to be in a relationship then he will makes an effort to be in a relationship. And yes he has thought about marrying you, and want to spend the rest of his life with you. But if his life is not going like he wants it to be, then he will avoid marriage all together. Some men biggest fears, are if he can't provides like a man should in a marriage then you will eventually leave him. Any man who has thought about marriage unfortunately thinks about divorce. It is a constant reality.  Most relationships end, so what makes yours any different?  Are you able to handle the many interpersonal disagreement that a relationship can bring?  This is a huge consideration, because conflict resolution is vital in maintaining a healthy relationship.  How do you handle adversity? How are your coping skills? Do you lash out during arguments?  Do you withhold intimacy as a punishment?  The more volatile you are during an argument, the more he will think about the relationship ending as a result of it.

Marriage is something that change a person for the rest of their lives. You see so many people telling you how they make mistakes the first times around that they had to get married again, but since I was younger I would always say that I’m getting marry once, and that it. But as a wise man once told me “you can’t expect you will find it all on the first try, it would be nice but if you don’t you just try again”. And that is now my new view on marriage, I would love to get marry once, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t. But the point is, if you see marriage is something that you want then don’t hide your true feeling for no one. Always stay true to who you are when it comes to your heart.

That Is All…..


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