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How Your Girlfriends Has A Effect On Your Relationship

Since I was a young spirit I have always been a loner, I kept to myself because I was in love with being in my own world, and doing shit that most black kids didn't do. And as I got older I just got used to staying to myself, because when I tried to make friends most people thought I was weird, and thought that I was slow, and told me that I talk like I'm slow, and said that I thought was better than them (which I didn't it's was just some shit I just really didn't do because that wasn't who I represented myself to be, and no I'm not mentally retarded, and no I do not talk like I'm slow). And women were the main people to demonize my character, they could barely spell, or say my name but would talk shit about me like they knew my life story.

But women couldn't understand why most men were drawn to me, one women particularly even have the nerve to say to my face that "you don't even wear a weave or a perm and you don’t keep yourself up like a woman should (FYI I do keep myself up like a woman supposed to, I just don't dress in the same outfits like most black women do), why do you have a bf and I don’t?", and I just look at her like she was crazy as hell, but had much respect for her. At least she said what most females wouldn't say to my face, and what many so called girlfriends won’t even say to their best friend face, women look at their female friends as their back bone when they feel like they don’t have no one else to turn to. Your girlfriends are suppose to be that one group of people other than your family that you think will have your back, but as more women come to learn that your girlfriends can be your worst enemies. Women don’t think that their girlfriends wouldn’t wish them any harm, or cause them any harm. But if your life is going on the path you works hard for, and you making life changing moves, and their lives are not progressing like they want it to be, then most likely that don't support you as they said they do. Foremore no one have the “Crabs in the barrel syndrome” worst then women, (men can have it too, they will let their follow brother sink to the bottom before reaching out to help him. But men will find their own way before they asked another man to help him if he a hardworking man).

But their girlfriends true colors really come out when they start dating a new guy, or when they are in a new relationship. They give you advice because they say they are looking out for you, but really some of your girlfriends don’t even want you in a relationship before them. Now not all your friends are going to be jealous of your new relationship, some will support you, and your new man, and will be there for you for the whole relationship. Whether it’s head towards marriage, or just head down the street, they will be there for the full ride. But then your other so-called girlfriends who always seem to have advice about your relationship, but never seem to take none of your advice when they are in a relationship. It's crazy how these same women can’t keep a man, but give advice like they are not the root of the problem in most of their failed relationship. But that don’t stop you from taking their advice because you seen it happen to your girl, and you were there for all of her failed relationships. But women don’t see how their girlfriends are causing problems in their new relationship, they let their friends turned their relationship into a “community relationship”, and that when the tension build within their relationship.

Men do not like it when their spouse share their personal relationship issues with their girlfriends because their two side to every story, and if your friends don’t even like your new boyfriend then, its will play a role in your relationship. Like your mother see how your friends are full of bullshit, your man will see the bullshit in your friends too. Your girls will say that your man is trying to manipulate and control you, and in some cases that might be the case. But if it’s always the same problems when you’re in a relationship, then how many men are really trying to manipulate, and control you. Women won’t check their girlfriends bullshit because whenever your  relationship fall apart your girls always tend to be there for you no matter what. But if they always disrespecting your partner, and you feel like your friends are ignoring your man, and treating him with full display of disrespect while you'll are hanging out together. Then if you feel it, chances are, it’s true. When your friends are being rude to your man, and it reflects badly on you as his girl. If it's was the other way around and his friends were disrespecting you, then chances are their wouldn’t even be a relationship, and you would let it be known how his boys are disrespecting you.

  Women don’t see how their friends are the reason why they are always single. I get it, your friends know all of your personal secrets. And If you’ve been good friends for a while, then your friends will definitely know your dirty secrets. They may even know stuff that you didn’t even share with your own mother. But do your friends always pull your leg or threaten to reveal all your dirty secrets in front of your new boyfriend when all of you go out together. Even if it’s just a joke, and they don’t ever say anything out loud to your new man, these are the kinds of conversations that will always rouse doubts in your new boyfriend, and may even strain your new relationship beyond repair. And if your friends are willing to tell your business in front of your new man, then most likely they already told your business to others people, and also possibly to your past men that you were in a relationship with.

If your friends always speak ill of youand never really seems happy for you and your accomplishments then it’s times to take a deep look on who you calling your girlfriend. I understand that you want to have it all. But it’s no used to being around a bunch of unhappy women just to say that you have friends. Women have a poor outlook on what they consider friendship should be, and you don't realize how your girls can keep you from your true happiness because of their negativity. If your girls are never there when you at your high point in your life, but always seem to only be around when you got some problems going on in your life, chances are they are not your friends. But this a life problem that only you can deal with, it’s up to you to make the changes of cutting off dead weight that is sitting around you, and holding you back.

That Is All



Love it, every word is a true fact. I can relate


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