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6 Ways Casual Sex Can Harm You: From a man point of view Part One

Written By Will.Harm

When my one of my writers Cande M. wrote this story about how sex can harm you, it’s got alot of feedback but most of the feedback came from men. While some men agree with her point of view; a large group of men didn't agree. In fact, one man even said that women over think sex, and gives sex too much power. But as men still wrote their own personal thoughts on this topic, one man particularly points stood out to me the most (And also my favorite writer Racine will also share his view on this topic as well coming soon.) Mr.Will.Harm sent me his thoughts, and make some points that I think that should be shared. And hopefully you can learn from this post as well, as much as I enjoy sex I realize how sex can hurt you if you don't take the time to think about your actions so read this post, and open your mind.

Please people be aware am only human a K.I.N.G just voicing my opinion......

1. Your physical health

As a man I'm going though another phase in my life. So it’s important to keep ourselves up with working out, and as well as being a provider to keep our mind right as well. But be more conscious,and aware of the damage that sex can do to your body, because the thrill of sex is not as amazing as we tend to make it out to be.

2. That Attachments

Yeah fellas, that's some deep side of that shit.We're quick to turned ourselves into dogs, I know I use to be one, and still trying hard not to fall back into my old ways. But what I'm trying to explain to you is, it’s always different fishes out here in the sea; that will stands out in the crowd. But you get out here rushing, and of course you will meet some women out there who is not as mature as they make themselves out to be, and you will go by how good she look, and how good the sex is. So she start doing all this extra shit, and she dealing with your bullshit on top of everything as well. So now you in a fucked up situation because of sex, and have gotten thrown off on the woman she truly is. My advice to you is, that it’s cool to take your time with a woman, Sometimes you got to come to a woman with a different approach make her feel like there are good men out here that represent for the real, and not the fake.


3. The In and Out

I call it "the going in and out of the house syndrome", yeah we got mothers, sisters, nieces etc,etc. But the part that make things hard is when out the blue you keep going in, and out your woman life. Be very sure about the decisions you're are making because time is ticking, and it's also cost money to keep leaving in, and out of that woman house. So which one do you choose? Do you make time to actually be there, and learn to accept her mistakes, and wrongful doings? or do you try to buy your way into her heaven if you know what I mean. The mistake I've made as a new father is trying to handle more responsibilities, and just let the wind blow instead of getting mad over some bullshit I couldn't control, and just move on. Because remember you can't stay too comfortable living in amerikkka.

4. Your Mental 

Yeah this goes along with physical attachments. For some women that really don't understand the true balance of love, and often have a soul that is lost with no direction. Why, it's can be because of her "Background", fellas please check the profile of the woman you're dating. See where her mind is at, have those I call it "out of the way conversations", that men don't even attend to have, only asking what is her first and last name. Sometimes it’s cool to have a female friend, or a sister to tell you the game, and tell you when you are right, and wrong on how you should treat a woman. Our brains can have a photographic memory, so always try to bring out the best in her even if the shit ended on bad terms. I would rather feed her mind spiritually, then to just feed it some ruckus bullshit. Because remember women got more game than a man, they can do a million things behind your back compare to your few situations you got caught up with. Because for some reason our shit always tend to come to light first often at times. Mentally being a human at time can be damaging if you're not strong enough.

5. Emotionally

Yeah I said it, everybody fall in love, and it's easy to get attached to a woman mentally, physically, and her in, and out as well. But always remember we all came out of the womb of a women so no need to act like you're tough. That’s cool if that's your style I'm not knocking nobody, but everybody has shed a tear before, or did some off the wall shit off the act of your emotion. The casual sex lifestyle is a difficult role to play, being a player made me wise up because the more you go on about sleeping around, and living that lifestyle, you will wonder why you're always by yourself with no nice honey dip by your side. Just remember that we all are going to get older one day, so just give yourself some time to heal, and eat right. Because at the end of the day somebody can easily mess up your life, if you don't learn to take that risk emotionally.

6.Charge it to the game

With the high cases of these man made diseases have made a human scared to take more risk, because going back to all of the things that I was saying earlier, goes back to the game you play with yourself, and other people feelings. Once you're out here having fun, and you will meet some bad "spirits" that can change your world all around you. One hit, and quit knockout can change your whole reality. So protect yourself, and it's very important to having control when you're making life changing decisions. You either can have a baby with someone you never really cared about, or you can meet that one woman that will never go away till its death on your hands.

Well that is only my opinion I love to hear comments if you like it or disagree am always up for a good debate on knowledge.

That Is All....


Interesting facts.
A lot of men needs to read this.
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