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Who not to share your new relationship with

In every new relationship we love to share our relationship with our family and friends and the world but there are some people you can't share your relationships with especially a new relationship here are the top 5 people that you shouldn't rush to share your new relationship with.

1. Your family
Yes I'm aware that this sounds so crazy but if this is your 4th or 5th guy you bringing home to meet your family then your family will be looking at you crazy and some type of way so just wait until you know exactly what you guys are. Because parents don't forget especially your brothers and sisters I still can't live down my ex from 2012.

2. Best friend
Your best friends are like family too so just like them they won't forget either. How many men you brought around them claiming that "he is different" or "he is the love of your life". And their opinions matter to you, so hold off at least a month before you let him meet your best friend.

3. Fake friends AKA girlfriends
Look we have at least two around us so don't play. These are the last people you want to share your new relationship with because if you two don't work out best believe she going to try to talk to him after she told you to leave him alone.

4. Social media
When in a new relationship social media is basically the last place you need to share your new relationship because it's full of fake friends, and if this your 10th relationship in the past year trust me when I say that if friends and family don't keep count on how many men you have dated; everyone on social media do, and those subliminal statuses about hoes is basically about you. At least wait 6 months to a year before you put your new relationship all over your Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and snapchat.

5. Your Ex
Nothing make you look more pathetic like showing your new relationship off to your ex. By showing the new relationship off to him he thinks you still want him, and using the new guy to get back together with him. Just don't do it enjoy your new relationship with a man who really want to be with you and loves you he missed out not you.

When in love we want the whole world to know about the amazing new person in your life. And yes you should be able to share your new found joy, but at least enjoy your new relationship before telling the world if you spend more time trying to share the relationship you won't really learn about the person you letting in your bed. So take the time and enjoy the new peace in your life

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