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Theory Of The New Dating Culture

Written by Aaron Jordan.

This year is just an estimate but in 2013 I found something startling while on my Facebook page. 
Secrets to getting laid REVEALED!” 
I kept dodging it for a few hours while pointlessly browsing on my MacBook. Then I figured eh what the hell, the information I’d see would probably be silly and scam worthy. So I clicked on the link and of course there’s a Caucasian gentlemen warning the viewer that it was imperative to watch the video soon before it would be taken down for controversial reason. I’m thinking oh come on! It is not that deep. But as the speaker went on he revealed things, secrets or whatever you want to refer it to. He said things I’d never forget, the one tip he told the viewer watching is “If you look at a woman mouth while talking to her, she will subconsciously think about having sex with you.” From then on I was hooked. I couldn’t believe it, the information this man me was astonishing. We never spoke personally, well at least not before I bought his book, Tao of Bad ass by Joshua Pellicer. Seriously look it up, the eBook cost about $47 and it’s worth every cent. But I’m not here to advertise.

Fast forward a few months and I’d bought the eBook soaking up its erotic intelligence about the opposite sex and I loved it. Actually it wasn’t until this year that I started to question my loyalty to this “Pickup Artist” Community.  I’ve read and seen enough to understand the mission in this community and I believed in it. I still do but certain situations such as Hidden Colors and cops killing my kind has changed my perspective. You see the more you see photos of women advertised and around these dating coaches you notice they’re all of European descent. Even the black men that follow the advice in this community have been with nothing but Caucasian women and it makes me ask myself lots of questions. Now I don’t judge them of course because this information is golden but I have to wonder if this information was made for people of African descent. I feel silly saying the term but “white men” have their women mastered. That’s just my own perception and my entire need to write this article. Us as black people haven’t mastered our confidence and knowledge about our sexuality and it is an issue. White people as the dominant society at this moment have done so. How can we focus on modernizing the dating lifestyle of the black community? Yes I have my thoughts on the subject, a few actually. 

First things first it’s hard to tackle this problem because many other problems outweigh the need to solve this one. Like for instance, money. Our black community needs to be fueled by strong willed black men and women who can assess the need of the many, some who can organize enough money to protect ourselves from the media, to get us motivated to go to college, and of course money to invest in black only businesses. The reason I say that there are problems that outweigh our need to understand the social structure in how black men and women communicate is because we are far behind from other ethnicities. We don’t own enough businesses, we’re not going to school, and some of us might not even read on a day to day basis. Anything kind of progress our community needs to withstand the wrong doings of modern society. Of course there’s another side to fighting to gain this specific knowledge and it doesn’t have to do with the need of the masses. There is a positive side I can share with you. This is an awareness article on the subject of the black social life. Being able to notice that our women are afraid of us and our men are turning to different groups of race to get what they desire. We can learn by observing them adapt more socially as some of us my know the term “peep game” on those who attract those who they want in their lives men and women. They have their books on female ejaculation and learning how to seduce women but highly doubt those techniques work on the black community.  We were all raised differently and sure all women are different but I believe we can achieve a general concept of learning black women. The black man and woman are a weapon and these modern times a threat to most. It might be a little crazy but I personally plan on reading these books thoroughly to find hope that men and women in our community can find resolution. 

Men such as James Bond and Hank Moody are the heroes of their culture, modern men balancing love and life (Moody not so such balance). It will be tough journey to look at the black man and not being afraid of them, we need work. We need you black women, we need you to find us and pick us up. There is an awakening happening within us. We are beginning to see things differently. Our love for each other can rule for hundreds of years to come. I’m asking black women to forget and forgive what we’ve done, to blindly pursue black men. I am giving you a peak on the other side of the wall, a possibility of unity by improving how we interact with each other. This can be an end to our divide, and it will be.


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