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Definition Of A Hoe: Part One

When you asked many people their definition of a "hoe" or what make a woman, or man a "hoe" everyone got different options,and different facts on that question.  But most of them don't look at the one fact and one fact alone their home environment, believe it or not a person home environment plays a role when it's comes to dating, forgiveness,and sexual temptations,and love. Because your home is the first place you will see all of this take actions. Yes, I know there are women,and men who have both parents in their lives and they are still out there sleeping around but I will get back to that later.

Growing up we look for our parents to give us love and affection. Some parents teach their children early on their worth, and how to respect others and how to respect themselves. But then there are those parents who never experienced love and affection, so they don't know how to give love and don’t know how to show love, and that plays a major role in a young child mind, a young child long for that love that her mother refuse to give her that love and or don't know how to give that love. Same with young boys if a young man doesn’t feel that love at an early age it's play a role with how he treats women and how he treats his daughters.

 His mother is the first woman he that he learns love from,and if his mother doesn’t give him that love,and affection and doesn't teach him how to love a woman, then most likely that why he chooses to sleep around instead of finding one woman to love. And it also a reason why he has multiple baby mothers because his mother didn't teach how to respect women,and how to treat a woman. A mother love is very important in a young man, and a young woman lives because a mother is the person first hand to teach you forgiveness and how to love a person. And if they don’t feel that from their mothers then that lead them to look for it from other people.

Then there the role of the father, a father and daughter relationship is like the relationship of an mother and an son, and it's also the first relationship that a young woman will experienced. A daughter first love is her father, a father teaches her early on how to respect herself and how she should be treated by a man. A father gives his daughter the confidence and attention she needs early on in her life, and that what she grows to want in a relationship the same level of love and respect and comfortably that her father gave her. But as we know some men can't handle the responsibility of being a father which is most cases he walks out or he chooses to have a poor relationship with his daughter, leaving the mother to play both roles as both parents and the breadwinner in that household. In which there a distance relationship between the mother and the daughter, leaving her to look for love and affection from other boys and sometimes men.

Now when boys are in this situation they just cut off their feelings and focus on becoming a better man,and hopefully a better father then their father was to them. Well some young men, we all know what happen if a young man lack love and affection and proper guidelines from his father so we don't need to go down that road of will what happen to them. But when a young women lack these things she doesn’t response well so she starts looking for love and affection from anyone who will gives it to her, which leaves to her having sex at an early age. In these cases, most young women start to have sex as early as 13 years old, and young men start earlier than that. You see the patterns I'm getting at here, if a child is not taught how to love and respect from their parents its play a role on how they treat their bodies, and how they love other people.

Which leaves to women, and some men to be label as a hoe. It's easy to labeled them a "hoe" then to identify the problem that made them become a hoe in the first place, if a woman or man is not taught at an early age how to value themselves then that will lead them to look for other people to teach them to value themselves. Which leads them to sleeping with countless people, sleeping with the same sex and the worst case scenario it's can also lead them to bring children in the world, and treating them like their parents treated them.

Now most people will say I'm wrong, and I don't know what I'm talking about. Because there are women, and men who had both parents in their lives and they are still sleeping around. Very true, but remember that terminology that our parents told us when we were young "what happens in our home, stays in our home". So just because a child has both parents in their lives don't mean it’s not ran like a single parent home. But still I'm not saying that this is an excuse for people to continue to sleep around because they got children now or going to have children. It's going to be time for them to teach their children how to respect and love themselves and treat their bodies as a spiritual temple not to be taken lightly. But if they got a spouse that don't make them feel loved or appreciated then how can they teach their children to feel loved and appreciated?

They going have to find that love they are looking for in themselves, and have to forgive their parents for their actions for not teaching them how to love,and respect themselves in order for them to be better parent for their children. A true definition of what make a woman or a man feel like sex is the only way for them to feel loved will truly never be answer in a way people want it to be answer. Like I said earlier in this post it's quick to called them a hoe, then to identify why they choose to be a hoe. But what do I know all I can do drop some knowledge that hopefully will help some people on their journey of growth and spirituality.
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