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Size and beauty of the confident woman: Part Two

When I first did this article earlier this year, I was surprised by how so many other plus size models wanted to wanted to be a part of it asking for a part 2. Well we here we are with a part two of this story about the curvy women, with 2 new amazing women answering the same questions with their thoughts,and views on being a plus size models.

Charvelle Holder

Is a graduate of Emerson College (c/o ’13) with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Charvelle moved straight to Los Angeles to pursue her true passion, acting. After years of modeling as a hobby, she decided to start taking it serious, in hopes that it will act as a gateway in to commercials, TV, and film. As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, an avid writer since elementary school she’s been trying her hands at screenwriting. But now she’s in LA, ready to take it by storm, and excited for what the future holds! She’s a curve model, signed with both MSA LA and TRUE Model Management.

Why do you think the love for plus size women's are on the rise?
I don't think the love of plus size women are on the rise, I know for a fact men have loved curvy women since the dawn of time. I do, however, think the fashion industry is starting to realize that there is major money to made in including plus size options. Plus size women make up a majority of the women population, so it only makes sense that creating clothes for them would be lucrative. It's about money, not because the world suddenly loves us.

My definition of Sexy BBW... 
I don't even know. I always mess up the acronym. BBW has never been a way I describe myself or my friends. It seems too fetish-y to me... like that's only something I associate with porn.

 As well as the love their is hate, Why do you think women and men talk down and talk trash about plus size women's?

 I think there's lots of haters of plus size women because in our society, we've been programmed to think it's strange for a woman to be proud and confident in her body when she's not "skinny". You can't walk down a magazine aisle without seeing articles about the hot new diet trends, how to lose weight, or even shaming women for having cellulite, or wearing bathing suits. Even after having a child, the media can't just let women be comfortable in their own skin. So, naturally, when a woman doesn't fit the mold, and doesn't want to fit the mold, those who have been brainwashed to believe in the mold will shame her. It's a mob mentality, but I think we're on the road to recovery.

Do social media paint a good picture of plus size women's or a bad picture?
Social media doesn't really paint a picture of plus size women, because every one's social media is going to be different. We all follow different people, so naturally some one's feed is going to be different from the next persons. My feed paints a very awesome and appreciative picture of plus size women. I know there are people who can not say that. It's all about the people/pages you surround yourself with.

What would you tell young plus size women's who are not comfortable with their bodies?
To young plus size girls, who aren't yet confident in their bodies I would say that's okay. It took me a long time, and that's fine. There are so many people telling us not to love ourselves, but as long as you try a little bit everyday you'll get there. Learn to shut out the haters and instead learn how to appreciate yourself. If you can understand that you deserve to enjoy life, and deserve to enjoy it in the skin you're in, the self love will follow suit.

Did you always loved your body or did it take time for you to love your body?
As I mentioned in #6, I did not always like my body. I was told I was fat by my family. I watched TV where girls and women didn't look like me. I went to school with girls with fast metabolism's, and I couldn't find the will to find myself beautiful. It wasn't until I went to college and started expanding the people I was hanging out with, started relying on myself for my happiness that I started realizing I deserve to be happy and needed to live my life to fullest as I am.

If you could change one part of your body, what would you change?
I always say I would change my arms. I have big arms, so do all the women in my family. But I'll never get surgery to make them smaller, I don't believe in paying for physical alterations. i want to minimize them by earning it and working for it. 

 If you in a relationship or married: What do your spouse love about you and your body and what is his/her favorite body part on your body?
 My boyfriend loves every part of my body. He always tells me how unfair it is to everyone else in the world that I could look the way I do. Whenever I complain about something he'll tell me that I'm crazy, or that if I feel that strongly I should do something about it, but he'll love me whatever size I am, although he doesn't want me to get too skinny :P

What are your 10 years goals?
My 10 year goals are the continue modeling. To break in to the acting industry and star in movies I wrote. I also want to start a clothing line, and get that out there.

What is your overall plan to help  young plus size women and women in general to love themselves and loved their bodies?
My plan to help women and girls appreciate their bodies and love themselves is to continue to lead by example. I would like to mentor girls in some capacity, perhaps do seminars and public speeches. I know I have more self love to gain, so I want to make sure I make those strides first.

Jen Dickerson

 God. Siren. Black. Feminist. Queen. + Model. LA based. Socially awkward. Unpolitical Me. Is what you will find when you google to know more about Jen dicker son but her beauty is something you  missed modeling since she was 16, she is also taking the modeling world by storm. you can catch her all over the "zeliforshe" clothing ads she answers the same questions as well and here is her truth

1. Why do you think the love for plus size women's are on the rise? 
I honestly think its because we as a community have started putting ourselves out there more. Posting more than just our shoulders and up, showing off our beautiful bodies. 

2. What is your definition of a "Sexy BBW"?
 A woman who has confidence and doesn't care about the negative opinions of small minded people.

3. As well as the love there is hate, Why do you think women and men talk down and talk trash about plus size women's? 
We were taught at a young age that fat is bad, that fat equals ugly. Now that we have stood up and said we are just as beautiful and powerful as a thin women people are uncomfortable. They can't get it wrapped about their minds that fat does not always equal unhealthy. 

4. Does social media paint a good picture of plus size women's or a bad picture? 
I think it's a little bit of both. The good part is you see more of us and we are being recognized. The bad is the comparisons of body types, an hourglass figure is the go to and I feel like sometimes social media pits the hourglass plus size girls against the ones with different shapes and proportions.

5. What would you tell young plus size women's who are not comfortable with their bodies? 
Loving yourself is a daily battle. This may sound silly but it worked for me, look at yourself in the mirror as much as possible fall in love with the girl you see staring back at you. I still have my uncomfortable moments but then I think to myself, I'm the one who cares more than these strangers I'm passing down the street.

6. Did you always love your body or did it take time for you to love your body? 
I didn't start loving my body until my 20's. I've struggled with eating disorders, I think its important for the plus community to acknowledge that plus size women can be bulimic or anorexic. What made me start loving my body was Tumblr and seeing so many other women who looked like me being confident and looking amazing. I realized I too could be like them. Also the rise in plus size clothes, we finally have cute stuff!!

7. If you could change one part of your body, what would you change? 
My arms. I used to wear jackets in 100 degree cause I hated them so much. I have grown to be used to them but would still like them to be a little smaller.

8. If you in a relationship or married: What do your spouse love about you and your body and what is his/her favorite body part on your body? 
He loves my whole shape he says, he says he like my waist to hip ratio and boobs lol. 

9. What are your 10 years goals? 
Sounds cliche but to have settled down, and have a baby. Career wise I want to continue to model and start my own glasses line.

10. What is your overall plan to help young plus size women and women in general to love themselves and loved their bodies?  
I want to be a voice for the plus size women who have dealt/deal with eating disorders, I want them to know they are not alone. I just want to be an advocate for our community, I just want to inspire women with my story and let them know, its ok to love your body. If you love you body it will love you back. Confidence and loving yourself are the key to happiness.

That Is All


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