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Learning The Art Of Forgivenss

Written by Aaron J.

Forgiveness is a tool crafted by humanity, but for the most of our modern generation we have forgotten its position in our lives. We have forgotten one of life’s cures and its potency to change our perception. You see forgiveness isn’t a term that can only be used directly to others but to ourselves. Most importantly to ourselves!
 When you make a decision to forgive someone you’re wishing them well. You let go of negative emotions and you allow yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Now imagine the power in forgiving your failures, the mistakes that have made you unhappy up to this point. It alters your world because you are now increasingly self-aware of creating new experiences. Once you’ve forgiven yourself there is a new world to see.

Forgiveness for oneself is asylum. You can then begin to forgive others once you learn of it yourself. Or at least that’s the process I’d go through. Breaking wall after wall to a learn new understandings. But some walls differ from one another. One can be a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend and the worst part of it all is the created trust you believed you shared between one another. I do have to agree, no matter how hard it is to break the wall the easier it becomes to bring that certain individual behind you to keep moving forward.
For me experiencing forgiveness for the first time was life changing. I was able to see things differently. Like for instance, you know you daily routine, you open your eyes and turn over to see if anybody called or messaged you while you slept. You look at the clock and watch the time with one eye closed. Or your mornings may be the complete opposite from I’ve just explained. But either way when something different happens in your life that shifts that routine, when something challenges the way you view your life, you’re obviously drawn to it. Eager to learn more and soon invite it into your life. 

But let’s invite forgiveness of others into the topic. Cultures all around use this as a necessity between their people. The elected pope of April 2005 says that “peace must be based on mutual forgiveness.
In Islam Allah is the original source of all forgiveness.
In Buddhism forgiveness is used negate harmful thoughts from and I quote “causing havoc on one’s mental well-being”
All these and more practices of forgiveness that ensure a better mindset for daily living. Personally I believe the lack of forgiveness in our society stems from technology and its fast paced knowledge and interaction. My theory is that technology used incorrectly controls our lives preventing us from noticing common human social skills. 

That doesn’t excuse the Facebook video I watched earlier this morning of a gas station shoot out. That doesn’t excuse the lives lost because our damaged cycle of living goes straight from vengefulness to point shoot and kill. But that shows how little some think of others, their inability to see the possibility for forgiveness. 

What’s that you say? How can you forgive someone? Where do you start? Well I’m glad you asked. 
According to Psychology Today forgiveness benefits ourselves and the person we are forgiving. We’re letting ourselves free, we’re “contributing to something of greater importance.” 
Perhaps the evolution of character or the change of one’s perception to something more positive which I discussed earlier in my post. 

Dr. Ned Hallowell author of Dare to Forgive suggests “In order to forgive we must renounce resentment or anger”. I for one agree with Ned, and also answers the question where do I start, and from we’ve learned it begins with you. Begin to praise yourself for having the courage to look within yourself in the modern world and search for forgiveness. You want to move forward? Forgive.
You want a better tomorrow? Forgive.
This source of personal achievement many tend to overlook is your key to mastering who you truly are. No matter how many things I know about forgiveness, I have yet to take that into action, and that only means that you’re not alone in this struggle. No one is. And with the information I present to you today may we both find peace.


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