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6 Ways Casual Sex Can Harm Your Health

From the time of puberty to now, my opinion on casual sex has done a 360. Hearing my family
members say, “don’t have sex before marriage,” used to seem like bullshit to me because there
was never a logical or critical explanation to follow their commands; maybe it was because they
didn’t think I would understand, or maybe they just didn’t understand it themselves, but as a
child, especially, it is hard to comply with demands when you have no understanding of them.
Eventually, I began to dedicate my life to being a devout Christian, so I put a lot of effort into
following God’s commandments without argument. At that point, I was practicing celibacy and
remaining chaste, but even in my dedication to celibacy, I still lacked a concrete understanding
of why I was doing so. Once I left home for college, I began to, again, disregard the expectation
for celibacy since I felt I was “grown.” But my new found, feminist ideology on casual sex still
came from a dangerous lack of understanding. 
Now that I am 22 years of age and no longer practiced Christianity (or any religion), my thoughts
on fornication are similar to the ideals I grew up hearing; but the difference between then and
now, is that I have multiple clear reasons for being against casual sex. I believe in abstaining
from casual sex, not because someone told me to, but because I know the effects of it through
doing research on my own. I am eager to share these reasons with you because it can be
applied to your dating life, improve your mental and physical health, and potentially save you
from heartbreak. Sex is a sacred spiritual practiced that a lot of people abuse due to a lack of
understanding of their spiritual selves and physical bodies. Besides the obvious sexually
transmitted diseases and single parenthood, there are a few other things that could put your
spiritual, mental, and emotional health in danger… Things that not even a condom can protect
you from. I do not mean to make sex “spooky,” so I will be incorporating scientific data to make
my points concrete.

1. Transmission of DNA:
You hear a lot of people, including myself, say that sex is a spiritual exchange, but many do not
understand the scientific reasoning behind it. When a man begins intercourse with a woman, he
drips what we identify as “pre cum”... During sex without a condom or even during oral
exchange, his DNA is going inside of the woman... this is even if he “pulls out” before actually
ejaculating. There are studies that show how maternal blood can contain DNA from a woman’s
previous sex partners; It is very much possible for a woman to hold a man’s DNA in her blood
and organs and even pass on bits of DNA to her future children that may not be his! *shutters*
Doesn’t that make you feel some type of way?! You have literally bonded in every sense of the
word, regardless of if you are still together. Although it is debatable, some people also say that
the exchange of DNA explains why couples that have been together for a long time begin to
look alike and take on some of the same mannerisms. Even in a spiritual sense, you could be
taking on the vibrations of your sexual partner. Religious people call it spirits, and others call it
energy, but no matter what it is called, those negative vibrations your sexual partner is
experiencing or emitting during that season in their life, can affect you as well.

2. Emotional Attachment & Soul Bonding:
Even with use of a condom, there is a spiritual and emotional binding taking place between the
two individuals. Although you cannot see this exchange, there is a psychological explanation for
this. When two people engage in intercourse, the woman releases a hormone called oxytocin,
which is also known as the “love hormone” or “bonding hormone.” Oxytocin is the hormone
responsible for a woman bonding and building a relationship with the ones she is close to most
of the time being her child. When a woman’s uterus is expanding during childbirth and when she
breast feeds, she is producing this hormone, which helps build that familiarity between her and
her child. However, a woman also secretes this hormone during sex, and it can sometimes
backfire on her. What I mean by that, is the bond between a woman and a man could become
one sided. A lot of us have been the victim of or witnessed the awkward and embarrassing
“what are we?” talk after a sexual encounter. Sometimes the guy is the victim of a one sided
attachment, but MOST of the time the woman is the victim because of the oxytocin hormone
she has been producing during their sexual encounters.

3. Addiction:
A few months ago, I saw a video misinforming people on how sex can be used to cure stress
and depression; and i’m not going to lie, it bothered me because it contained a lot of dangerous
misconceptions about the relationship between sex and mental health. We are among a
generation that uses sex to fill voids in our lives and stroke our egos, which has caused a lot of
us to become emotionally unstable and depressed. Sex cannot and should not be used to
directly heal an emotional or traumatic wound, such as a break up or having a dysfunctional
relationship with a parent. Much like smoking weed, sex can be used to temporarily make you
feel good, but the issue will always be there unless faced head on.
Attempting to use sex as an emotional band-aid can go from bad to worse if it becomes an
addiction. The addiction comes in with ejaculation... Dopamine is a hormone responsible for
emotional responses but when a man ejaculates, he lowers his dopamine levels. Studies show
that those with dopamine deficiencies are more prone to addictions (of any kind). On top of that,
dopamine deficiencies are linked to depression, so it should now be obvious that ejaculating
when you are depressed would be the wrong thing to do. In a way, sex CAN be used to elevate
your general sense of mental and physical health, but that is only through a practiced known as
tantric sex. Tantra is a form of yoga that involves contact with an exclusive partner and does not
include ejaculation only
orgasms. I must also note that there is a different between ejaculation
and an orgasm and men do NOT have to ejaculate in order to achieve an orgasm. Ejaculation is
simply when a man’s reproductive system goes through a process to eject sperm/semen from
his testicles through the urethra of his penis. An orgasm is a feeling that we experience through
our nervous system; some people describe it as a shock wave that goes through your body,
some people describe it as an out of body experience, and some people just don’t know how to
describe it.

None of us can deny that sex and orgasms feel good, but some of us fall a little weaker to
sexual desires once we get a taste of it for the first time. Many people spend much of their lives
falling victim to sexual temptations in order to achieve that feeling, even if they know that they
shouldn't be involved with that particular person at the time.

4. Loss of Inner Chi/Energy:
When a man ejaculates, he loses more and more of his inner chi. In a spiritual sense, this
energy (or inner chi) contributes to him living a long and productive life. This explains why men
don’t usually outlive their female counterparts in old age. The chemical reactions that take place
during ejaculation reduce testosterone levels, as well as create another chemical called
dihydrotestosterone(DHT) (which contributes to hair loss). Testosterone is needed to maintain
muscle mass and bone mass; however, the loss of minerals (like zinc) used to make semen,
further deteriorate your bones, muscles, brain cells, and eyesight. Ejaculation also lowers your
levels of serotonin, which contributes to maintaining a balanced mood, and prolactin, which
contributes to your ability to become erect. Sure, ejaculating feels good for the moment, but
afterwards, you are left feeling drained and depleted of strength and vital hormones and
nutrients that are not easily replaced, especially if you have a poor diet. It's VERY NECESSARY
for males to practiced sperm retention because the health risks associated with too much
ejaculation are too apparent to ignore.

5. Loss of Memory & Clarity:
In addition to the energy that a man loses every time he ejaculates, he also lowers his
Acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that lowers the heart rate and causes
excitement in the central nervous system also known as the hormone responsible for our
orgasms. Studies have shown that men who ejaculate frequently tend to have lower levels of
Acetylcholine, which is connected to memory lapses and a lack of concentration. Not saying that
those that are sexually active cannot have a great memory, but those that practice sperm
retention have an easier time thinking clearly. And if you do not believe me, you can observe for
yourself while you abstain from sex.

6. Distrust Between Men and Women:
Now, the aforementioned effects of casual sex are related to individuals, but what about the
health of our community as a whole? There is an elephant in the room that needs to be
addressed when it comes to teaching our children about respecting the sacredness of their
bodies and the bodies of others. We always stress to our daughters that their bodies are to be
treated as a treasure, but we rarely stress to our sons the same thing. Our men and boys,
especially, need to be taught that their bodies are powerful enough to build a nation (through
reproduction) as well as destroy one (through war), so they should always consider their health
in everything they do, including sex.

I have a few male friends that practice celibacy and it is amazing to see how different their views
on relationships and interactions with women are in comparison to other men their age. When
they think of a woman, they think of her in her entire essence, not just her vagina. The same
goes for celibate women in respect to men. While a celibate individual is dating, they have the
opportunity to get to know their counterpart without sex clouding their ability to observe and
discern the other person’s personality and traits. This intentional practice of self control helps
individuals to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks and a prevent a domino effect of distrust among
the men and women in a community in the process of healing.

Now, I would like to provide a disclaimer before I come to a close. This is not a writing meant to
scare you away from having sex. Sex is a beautiful exchange and has many benefits when
practiced responsibly and intentionally. My objective is to help more people understand why it
would be in all of our best interest to consider our overall health, as well as the health of our
sexual partner(s) before engaging in casual sex or promiscuity. I am not saying that you need to
sign a document under the jurisdiction of the government for permission to have sex with the
one you love. I am merely encouraging you to be sure that the next person you have sex with is
someone you wouldn’t mind having children with or be permanently bonded to for the rest of
your life. Unless, of course, you can perform a ritual to break soul ties and have an impeccable
diet, I would suggest you choose your sexual partners wisely and practice abstinence every
once in a while so that you can preserve your overall health.

Peace Family!

Written By Cande M.


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