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Theory Of The New Dating Culture

Written by Aaron Jordan.

This year is just an estimate but in 2013 I found something startling while on my Facebook page.  “Secrets to getting laid REVEALED!”  I kept dodging it for a few hours while pointlessly browsing on my MacBook. Then I figured eh what the hell, the information I’d see would probably be silly and scam worthy. So I clicked on the link and of course there’s a Caucasian gentlemen warning the viewer that it was imperative to watch the video soon before it would be taken down for controversial reason. I’m thinking oh come on! It is not that deep. But as the speaker went on he revealed things, secrets or whatever you want to refer it to. He said things I’d never forget, the one tip he told the viewer watching is “If you look at a woman mouth while talking to her, she will subconsciously think about having sex with you.” From then on I was hooked. I couldn’t believe it, the information this man me was astonishing. We never spoke personally, well at least not before I boug…

The Story Of The Emotionally Unavailable man

If you follow me on Facebook which some of you guys do, I sometimes talk about how "last winter was the coldest", everyone thinks I'm quoting an drake song for some reasons but in truth, emotionally last winter was the coldest for me. For three years of my life I chase this guy, I put my heart and soul into trying to let him see that when he was ready for a relationship that I was the woman for him. But one day out of the blue, he just cut me off no warning, no reason why(until three weeks later), no nothing. He just left me out emotionally out in the cold, and left me with a broken heart,and a emotionally broken spirit. At first I didn't understand nor I wanted to understand why he did what he did, but as the months passes on by, and I'm on my spiritual journey of deeper understanding of love, and self I now understand and know why he did what he did. And since have forgiven him, he was just a emotionally unavailable man.

If you read a few of my stories I always …

Social Media And Your Relationship

In a study done to see how many times people used their phone in a day, it was shown that the heaviest smartphone user used their phone 5,427 times a day. The lightest users used their phone 2,617 times a day, and they will also touched their phone on an average of 85 times a day to see if someone calls or text them, in doing those times an average person used their phone for 145 to 225 minute a day, and the times that the heaviest usage occur between the hours of midnight, and 5 a.m. And they also said that the reason why were because people are mostly likely to be checking their spouse social media accounts.

Social media play a significant role in people relationships, also in the study one in seven couples said that social media cause jealousy, infidelity, and breaks up in their relationships. Some said they even consider divorce because of social media, yes more 60% percent of couples were willing to end their marriage because of social media. As we comes to learn, people gives soc…

5 Signs You're Not Ready For A Relationship

Sometimes we want something that we don't need. And relationships is one of them, when we see others in relationships, and having children we think we want the same. But quickly realize that we are not ready for that life, so what are the early signs that we are not ready for a relationship? here are my 5 warnings that you not ready for a relationship.

1.Sabotage When the relationship is good its good, but what the relationship is bad then its really bad. When we finally get the relationship we wanted so bad, it hard to believe after so many failed relationships; it’s hard to believe there any “good men” out there. So when we are in a good relationship we are waiting for the ball to drop, we are waiting for something bad to happen in the relationship because it’s hard to believe that you are in a relationship that is so peaceful, and you can’t believe that you are in blissful place. He makes you feel like a queen he gives you a feeling you have been praying for, for a long time. …

Definition Of A Hoe: Part One

When you asked many people their definition of a "hoe" or what make a woman, or man a "hoe" everyone got different options,and different facts on that question.  But most of them don't look at the one fact and one fact alone their home environment, believe it or not a person home environment plays a role when it's comes to dating, forgiveness,and sexual temptations,and love. Because your home is the first place you will see all of this take actions. Yes, I know there are women,and men who have both parents in their lives and they are still out there sleeping around but I will get back to that later.

Growing up we look for our parents to give us love and affection. Some parents teach their children early on their worth, and how to respect others and how to respect themselves. But then there are those parents who never experienced love and affection, so they don't know how to give love and don’t know how to show love, and that plays a major role in a young…

Size and beauty of the confident woman: Part Two

When I first did this article earlier this year, I was surprised by how so many other plus size models wanted to wanted to be a part of it asking for a part 2. Well we here we are with a part two of this story about the curvy women, with 2 new amazing women answering the same questions with their thoughts,and views on being a plus size models.

Charvelle Holder

Is a graduate of Emerson College (c/o ’13) with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Charvelle moved straight to Los Angeles to pursue her true passion, acting. After years of modeling as a hobby, she decided to start taking it serious, in hopes that it will act as a gateway in to commercials, TV, and film. As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, an avid writer since elementary school she’s been trying her hands at screenwriting. But now she’s in LA, ready to take it by storm, and excited for what the future holds! She’s a curve model, signed with both MSA LA and TRUE Model Management.

Why do you think the love for plus size women'…

Warning Signs Of The Ending Of A Relationship

When I was in my early 20's I spent it mostly looking for a relationship. I didn't know what my future plans was, I just knew that I wanted a man, and I wanted a relationship. But the problems were I didn't know what I wanted in a relationship,and I didn't know the warning signs that the relationship was falling apart, and I also didn't know the warning signs that he was checking out of the relationship; I let my thirst of wanting a man, and my fear of being alone keep me from the truth. But now as I enter my mid to late 20's, I have taken a full break from dating, and wanting a relationship. To build a stronger relationship with myself, and also to learned more about what I need, and desires in a relationship; I realized that these are signs that not only that I look past in order to be with a man; but a lot of couple look past because when a person check out of that relationship, they check out completely. They don't care about the other person feeling, t…