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The Next Chapter

When we hit our mid-20 our mindset changes, what used to be fun no longer fun to us, and what we used to be ok with is no longer ok. We are at the stage where we got to make changes to not only better our lives but our children lives as well. But what are the top 5 things that changes once you past 25 well here they are.

1. Going out
When you're 18 to 25 going out every weekend was a must do, now your friends are lucky to catch you awake on a weekend. When you get older going out don't seem as fun as its used to be. You whether be at home chillin out, or going to a movie. If you do go out, clubs are the last place you want to go. The music is too new and loud for you, and you too old to be fighting over a dude that you just bump into and said hey. Clubs are fun when you're younger but you get older a nice poetry reading or live local show is more your crowd.

2. Your friends
When you're younger in your mind you can't live without your friends. You think you need them around every day, but when you hit 25 they better hope they get a phone call from you. What you used to think was fun with your friends is no longer fun, you're mind and thinking process has changed in the last few years before you turned 25. Clubs are not a must, eating bad foods is a definitely big no, and helping your friends stalked a dude on social media is childish to you. You have grown but your friends haven't, and if they can't get with your growth it's time to cut them loose.

3. Dating
When you're younger dating is a great way to make a new friend or maybe a new boyfriend. But after you pass 25 you dating for a husband. You too old for games, you want a relationship you tired of coming to every family events and holidays celebration without a date. And you tired of being the friend you never seem to
have a man. You're looking for love and relationship. You're at a place in your life where you know that you're ready for that lifestyle. But even if you’re not still ready for that, you know that you're too old for games. You want something real and you won't settle until you have just that.

4. Sex
At first it's was nothing to you to have casual sex with a man you like with no feelings involved (well at least you say their no feeling involved). But once you hit 26 yeah nothing is casual anymore. For some you did more research on sex and to learn more about sex. You made it a must to know everything you could find on sex. You will still want to have casual sex but you realize that it's not for you (Trust me I know). You crave more intimacy and deeper connection between the person you sleeping with. When you having sex it's more than sex it's two souls becoming one and when you get older to realize that then sleeping around is just childish to you.

5. Ghost Movement
When you're 21 and got a so called good job you want to stay at that company and grow with them. But after you past 25 and see their no growth and development in your career and you still on the same level and to you your peers are moving up on their careers and going places then it's time to make moves or as my friend called it "ghost movez". You see that you need more in your life and you want more then to be with a company where you only worth a quarter to them. You not special to them, they can go find another you in a heartbeat. So it's time to make changes real changes its time to own your own business and buy into stocks and bonds and gold and silver. You know it's time to change and being 5 years from 30 is that push to change your life and career goals.

There no age limited when it’s come to growth. It can happen at any age, but for some reason it’s like once you past 25 a light bulb just goes off in you where you got to makes changes. We no longer that childish person we once were. Yes, some grow with age but some don’t. our stages in life show us the need of growth. That growth that we need to be ready for that next chapter in our lives, like love and marriage. Whatever we choose to do just make sure your mind and spirit is ready for next chapter.

That is All


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