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The Art Of The Game

In this new time, we live in relationships and dating no longer share the same meaning it once did. We no longer enjoy the chase, or waiting for that one phone call that change our whole mood and day, or that butterfly feeling we use to have when we first met that special guy or girl. But not everyone wants to play games claiming to had their "heart-broken" time after time before.

Yes, trusting someone is scary especially now when a person who you truly love and trust can look you in your eyes and say they not going to hurt you, and won't cheat on you, and will be there for, and love you, and still round-up doing it anyway. How can we let down our guards without the fear of getting our heart-broken?  How important is the game over the person you fallen in love with? Even in cosmo they said that trust is the leading problems in relationship today between the age of 18-35.

And with social media changing the whole meaning and feeling of dating how can one still date when the days before the date you can go Google that person info to see what are about. And even when you are in a relationship, a person insecurities and loyalty can truly be tested because the people of today no longer believe in respecting one relationship, in fact when they see you in a good relationship they take it as a play to try to take that person girlfriend or boyfriend, or just settle as the side piece and called that a 'relationship'.

But people loves to post pictures of everyone else relationships, but hate to truly understand what it took for them to have a relationship like that. No one knows what go on inside of someone else home we love to think to know but we don't. We love to judge others people mistakes without taking a deeper look into our own mistakes. Love is work and hard no one said putting your trust into someone is easy.

A broken heart is scary, especially when you're give not only your heart but your spirit as well. I'm not saying that everyone you date deserve your trust but if you walk around with a wall up how can you truly know what is out there if you scared of the commitment. And dating other people while trying to learn to trust another can cause trust issues within yourself.

I can easily sit here and say that I don't play games, and when I do dates that I don't have my wall up. But I do we all do yes playing the games of love and relationships is an easy game to play. But one day that game get old, and you yourself will want to stop playing that game as well. But what if that person you dating choose they want to play games with your heart like you was playing? Some would call that 'relationship karma' but I look at as a same game that no one seems to know how to walk away from when can we all grow up and learn to walk away from playing games with someone heart? That the thing about games no one never know when the time to walk away or the time to play it.
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