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Size and beauty of the confident woman

From there full hips and full chest, a full figured woman is hard to miss. In the past few years the curvy woman has been on the rise; Now there are some would disagree but with more women buying booty (the right and wrong way), and breast every women wants to be curvy now. I remember the days when having a big ass and chest wasn’t in style, in fact you had to be a size 2 to fit in. But now a plus size woman is no longer a man lil secret, men chase plus size women even the one's who say they wouldn't date one, want to be with a plus size woman now. I talk to two of my favorite plus size models Audrey Ritchie & Tejera Magee talking to these women was amazing. With such class and beauty that is out of this world they make a woman feel beautiful to be full figured.


Contejera Magee
One of my favorite women ever. Is not just a model, she is a wife, fitness coach, makeup artist and a radio DJ. All while being a full time model, she has been given the nickname "the black Ashley graham" by a few of her loyal supporters. She only been modeling for 4 years she has been in major magazine’s and store ads with more coming in the near future. She answers a few questions about the lust and love for plus size women and the "fat shames" as well.

Why do you think the love for plus size women's are on the rise?
I don't think there was a lack of love for plus women. There is a lot of people who love plus size women. The media just didn't give us a platform to be seen. This time around we are demanding it! That's why we have plus size models getting magazine covers.
What is your definition of a "Sexy BBW"?
Someone who is completely in love with themselves, and demand the same love and respect from others.
As well as the love their is hate, Why do you think women men talk down and talk trash about plus size women's?
I think it has a lot to do with the media. If we are constantly showing an image of only a thin woman and saying this is what beauty is we believe. Then we think ok, well I don't look like that so I must not be beautiful. So we talk down on ourselves, and that turns into hate for our own bodies.
Do social media paint a good picture of plus size women's or a bad picture?
I personally have seen a lot of positive come out of the plus community on social media.
What would you tell young plus size women's who are not comfortable with their bodies?
I would tell them. "You are beautiful, all of you. Finding your confidence is definitely a journey, and some days you may feel like you won't get there, but you will. And when you do it will be worth it!"
Did you always loved your body or did it take time for you to love your body?
I was always pretty comfortable in my body until jr high. That's when I stared to like boys and no one liked the chubby girl. For a long time, I measured myself worth off of how men/ boys reacted to me. Until one day in my adult hood I said hold up. I'm beautiful regardless of who agrees with me or not. Since then my confidence has only gone up!
If you in a relationship or married: What do your spouse love about you and your body and what is his/her favorite body part on your body?
My husband loves my entire body, it's all his favorite.
What are your 10 years goals?
In 10 years I hope I would have touched and encouraged many women. I hope to have made a few beautiful babies with my handsome husband.
What is your overall plan to help  young plus size women and women in general to love themselves and loved their bodies?

My plan is to always remain myself, and stay sharing my testimony because I truly think it can encourage others. At the end of the day it's hard being a woman, but it's not impossible for us to gain self-love.

Audrey Little

Another one of my favorite women, she is also a new plus size model on the rise. She is signed to Hughes London; she can be seen in all the major ads but her famed came from one picture that can be seen going all over Facebook as well as Instagram. I asked her the same questions as well with some extra questions too here are her answers.

Why do you think the love for plus size women are on the rise?
I’m hoping it's because the fashion industry has realized there are far more body types than under a size 10. The more people you branch out to the more money you make, and the fashion industry is all about that ha-ha.
 What is your definition of a "Sexy BBW"?
Not going to lie I HATE "BBW." I always think of the women in porn that sit on men or let them have sex with their belly button.
 In your opinion what you think turned a man to a plus size women's?
The fact that there are all types of bodies and no one’s body is perfect, so once the plus industry started glorifying curvier women, or the "non perfect" body type, people started to relate to it.
 As well as the love their is hate, why do you think women men talk down and talk trash about plus size women's?
We were raised in a society where "healthy" meant skinny. So anything bigger than what people classify as that is "not ok." It just depends on if the person decides to be judgmental about it. The person can choose to speak up and possibly hurt someone, or remain silent and let everyone live their own lives.
Do social media paint a good picture of plus size women's or a bad picture?
There's always going to be good and bad. I'm in the plus industry but I do have my opinions on how far someone should go with celebrating their bodies since there are certain health issues you can come across being past a certain size. But no one should ever be bullied because of their body. Everyone has their own insecurities.
What would you tell young plus size women's who are not comfortable with their bodies?
No matter what you think, and especially no matter what others say, you are beautiful in your own special way. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.
Did you always loved your body or did it take time for you to love your body?
No one has always loved their body. I still don't fully love it, but I know that I am beautiful and I've found beauty in my own self.
If you could change one part of your body, what would you change?
Eh if I had to I wouldn't want my skin to scar so easily. Otherwise I have learned to embrace it.
If you in a relationship or married: What do your spouse love about you and your body and what is his/her favorite body part on your body?

I'm not technically in a relationship at the moment, but men have always loved my curves. Loved my hips and tummy. Of course my boobs and butt ha-ha. They also love my confidence in myself. I could have a "perfect" body and be insecure and men wouldn't like it as much. No one would. I wouldn't even like it ha-ha. Confidence is always a good thing.
What are your 10 years’ goals?

Be happy.
Be settled within myself.
 What is your overall plan to help young plus size women and women in general to love themselves and loved their bodies?
I want to continue to love myself. I want to show women that it is always ok to be yourself. Spread love amongst the community.

No matter what size or race you are, all women are beautiful, but however it's something about a curvy woman you can't deny. This confidence that plus size women have that others women don’t have, even with all the "fat shamers" plus size women hold their head high no matter what others say. Yes, there are health risk we all know that but do they have to be reminded of that every day? being plus size is about loving yourself no matter what others people think of your how they talk down to you so what why would you want to knock their hopes and dreams down?

That Is All 💋💋💋

Picture source : Instagram and Google


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