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No emotions, Just sex

After a month of crying and crying to your friends you decide to you are also tired of crying so you choose that you are ready for a quick fix AKA the fuck buddy it's be shown that 6 out of 10 women have a fuck buddy relationship in their lifetime. I had one, and it's was my most successful relationship with a man.

A fuck buddy is a man you see only when you horny or when you just got out of a rocky relationship, or when you two are on a break. You want to try a relationship with your fuck buddy because he there when you need him,and always a phone call away. But you both know that it's best that you don't cross that water some women can have a fuck buddy relationship with no emotional connection at all with the man (so they say), but most women try and quickly find out that easily said than done to cut off your feelings during sex.

The thing about a fuck buddy relationship is that you get comfortable with him because their is no fuss, no bullshit and no problems so to you this is the kind of relationship you want and been looking for no fuss and great sex. So you start catch feelings for him, but the problem is the feelings are one sided he comfortable with the way things are simply because he gotten it so easy before so when he didn't work for the pussy the first time he damn sure not finna start working for it now because you want a relationship with him and if you willing to be in a relationship with your fuck buddy knowing there nothing there but sex so that shows that having a fuck buddy is not for you, And you want more than great sex.

We all wish sometimes we could be like men. To put our feelings away and just sleep a man with no feelings but even men can't always cut their feelings off even when they them it's there they just know when to share them with the right woman. And that our problems we have we are ready to share our soul but we got to know when and with the right person.

That is all 


Emma Lena said…
Hello.....Sex shouldn't be something that frustrates people. Given that there are problems men and women might be having adjusting to the environment, it still shouldn't be something that causes undue stress.If the woman mocks the man in bed for example, nothing turns us off faster. Whatever happens, happens. It should be something fun and light-hearted.See more at-
Sex and Relationship Advice For Women

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