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I'm not saying It's First This Time

Those sunny days in a relationship, where there's no clouds in the sky, you both can talk about anything and everything. And you share everything and you're both share the same thoughts. But then realty set in the relationship, you start to notice the small things you hate about him, and he notice the small things he hates about you. Since both you don't want to hurt each other feelings, you choose not to bring up the issues that you both have about each other. And that when the real issues you both have boiled over, and now you both are angry and won't even talk to each other’s, but you're both talking to other people about your problems. Here 5 reasons why there are issues within your relationships.

  1. You both won't talk to each other
Love is beautiful and blissful, but as well as work, no matter how mad you are at each other you both should be able to put your feelings aside and talk no matter how big or small your issue is with each other you should be able to come together and work them out if you both really love each other, then it's shouldn't be hard to make up.

  1. Talking to other people about your relationship.
Look like I said on an old post. When you are in a relationship your spouse is your best friend, and that the person you share your deepest thoughts and feelings with. When you are in a relationship, and your friends are single they don't want to hear you, and your problems good or bad they want your problems if some of them are single and want a relationship. So telling them your problems will hurt you instead of help you. And telling them how you are unhappy with your spouse. And then bringing them around after all the shit you said about spouse, will make them uncomfortable, and that not fair to them.

  1. Blissfully happy
In the beginning of the relationship. You knew there was things you didn't like about each other, but instead of you talking about them or letting your spouse know first-hand how you felt, you both choose not to talk about them, instead you both thoughts you were going to change them by manipulating the issues you have with each other. it's best to start the relationship with honestly and if you not comfortable with sharing your feelings early in the relationship then it's said a lot about how the relationship between you two will be like.

  1. Uncomfortable within your relationship
This is an issues that I had in most of my relationships, I was never comfortable I always felt like I was walking on eggshells. And if I said anything, that I felt like he didn't want to hear; he would get upset, and or he would stop talking to me and break up with me. Which is why the relationship never last because, I would hold my tongue for so long that when I finally explode, I exploded everywhere and he couldn't handle it so he left. The point I'm getting at, if you can't be comfortable in your relationship then the relationship won't last PERIOD.

5. Too comfortable in the relationship

comfortable you're not gonna want to share your problems that you have with your spouse. Because to you the relationship is going good, so why share your issues when your relationship is in a good place?. So to you so why ruined a good thing, but you already ruined a good thing by not saying anything to your spouse. You are becoming A ticking time bomb, and one false move you gonna explode, And you have a reason why. But to your spouse, you don't have A valid reason, and you just going off for no reason to them. And now you have made a problem within the relationship because you wasn't honest in the first place.

Like I said before love is beautiful. But love won't come easy, and won't ever be easy, we all want that one person we can come home to, and talk to everyday and tell them our day. Share our feelings with someone. To have someone to cuddle with, and forget the worries about the world. and be in our own world together. And meditate, and just be free with each other. But if you can't be comfortable with sharing your feelings then you won't be able to enjoy each other; if you truly love each other, then work at to keep it and work it out.
That It AllπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


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