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Flow Into My Soul:Behind The Music

On Tuesday I went to "Soul Speaks".  And while I was in love with the scenery, and the vibration of this place, watching these people chasing their dreams was so beautiful, walking on that stage; and doing what they love is aspiring.

While I enjoyed everyone there was two people who caught my eye. Conscious Leo, Michael Royal; they were the stars of the night. Yes everyone was amazing, but these two was hungry, they wanted people to remember their names.
So this past Friday night, I asked these two men some questions about relationship, their goals, and what made them choose to be ar
Conscious Leo, this guy met him a few weeks prior to his performance at soul speaks. When I met him he was so laid back; and chill and a little bit geeky. But his performance didn't match his personality at all. Everyone was there to see him perform, he have a following that getting bigger and bigger as the days go by.
I was so excited when he said he would like be a part of my story. He answered all in his truth in which it's made me respect him more.

  1. Do being a musician play a role in your relationship? Or it's the reason why you are single or choose to be single?
Yes, because a Musician plays a HUGE role as far as why I'm currently single and any relationship that I've been in for the last couple of years. There's a certain aspect of my artistry that is very demanding and time-consuming. Between me being on the road and the attention that I receive from fans that can often times cross boundary lines; It's a lot.

  1. If the shoe was on the other foot could you support your girl being in on the road and always in the studio?
If the shoe was on the other foot, I could totally support my significant other if they dealt with the same or similar circumstances. I can empathize wholly and provide the type of support and comfort that they would need or I would want if I were in their situation...and I am lol
3.when you get the recognition you work hard for in the music industry can you see yourself loyal to the woman who been there for day one?
Whether or not I'm receiving recognition at a national level or regional, I'll always remain loyal to the person who's been there for me.
  1. Can you be with a woman who don't support your dreams or like your nor listen to your music?
I can't be with anyone who doesn't support me in any regard.
  1. If your record label told you that they want you to be single for your image would you do it?
If my record label told me that they wanted me to do anything for my image, I would be reluctant, but an entity like that delving into my personal life, my heart...that's a no go.

  1. Chasing after your dreams can be life fulfilling but can destroy a relationship. Have you broken any heart or let anyone down while going after your dreams?
I have broken hearts and lost many friends in my ongoing pursuit of success. This hasn't been the easiest road and the more that I gain climbing towards the top, the more that I lose.
  1. If you could change anything about the route you took to get where you are now what would you change and why?
I wouldn't change anything about the route that I've chosen to take towards success except maybe getting an earlier start and working even harder. I'm building and working towards something that's bigger than me. I'm not in this for fame or fortune. I want to help my people...Black People.
  1. Where do you see yourself and your career ten years from now?
Ten years from now I see myself running both an Independent Record Label as well as a Non-Profit Organization that are committed to helping the Black Community. I should have more of a permanent teaching role as well as public speaking.
  1. And do you think having a backup plan or a second game plan can set you up for failure on your first plan?
Contingency plans are never wrong, but honestly, you can never fully prepare for the unknown nor can you really possess all-seeing foresight. It's best to have your plans, but to also learn how to roll with the unexpected, whether for better or worse.
  1. Why is being a musician is your dream and what made you choose this dream and are you happy with your decision?
Being a Musician means the Universe to me. It starts with my Grandparents, who are also Musicians and former Civil Rights Activists. They fought for me they have a voice in a future that they never anticipated would result in our current reality. I can't let them down, I have to use my platform to be a positive influence and powerful voice for our people and against our oppressors. Music and especially the culture of Hip-Hop allow me to do those things fluidly without being preachy.

Michael Royal this young king here. I was getting tired I felt like no one was really giving their all; and that when I heard him speak. He woke my soul up like where has he been this whole evening, this young king came and shut down the stage I wonder how a song with conscious Leo and Michael Royal would sounds? But I asked him the same questions as well, and he gave me some great answers as well, about his love life as well as does it plays a role in his relationship.

1) It really doesn't to be honest and I'm actually in a relationship she understands this is my passion and she supports me like I support her in her career choice. That's why it is very important to find yourself before you get into a relationship because no matter what your passion is your partner should be your number 1 supporter Now a day it's not always like that but I got lucky enough to find mine.
2) Yes I could maybe it's because I've experienced the lifestyle and understand when it's your passion there's no need for me to interfere with that so yes I could support it
3) Yes I can and I say this because of the type of relationship I have and what I had to do to get it no lie things happen and with that position I would be open to a vast amount of new women but I look at other artist who had good women and lost them and no matter how much money, fame, or recognition you get nothing can compare to a someone who has been down for you since day 1
4) I actually have been with that type of women and as you can see lol but no I can't because If the shoe was on the other foot I would do the same whatever your dream is
5) I couldn't do that I don't believe your art should hinder your personal life to the point you ignore what’s real just to fit an image I'm not about image I do music so if you don't like it you don't have to deal with me

6) No I haven't the reason why my last relationship ended was more on the fact we didn't connect so no I haven't for my dreams and I hope I don't have to
7) I wouldn't change anything because at the end of the day the lessons and trials I went through all help make me the person I am today
8 I see myself working on probably my 4th Studio album producing more music then actually making it and dipping my hands into other venues such as real-estate, fashion, Computers and more
9) I've heard this saying but to me I just feel that you should never be too good at just one thing I have a backup plan but I don't really look to it as a backup plan I look to it more as "Oh yes I am a rapper but along the way I picked up a few skills in other areas" I just think it shows your versatility
10) I remember it was back in high school I was in 12th grade and they were doing a Black history month cypher the first ever hosted by the school so I made the auditions and had my verse we recorded and shot the footage at school and I just remember being in the auditorium and they played it for the whole school and my verse came up and I everyone just went crazy lol and I was the shy kid back then who really didn't talk but when they saw me it made me feel something I never felt before and ever since then I have been trying to get that feeling back but yes I am very happy with my choice.

Talking these two young Kings made me respect their hustle, and grind much more. Going after your dreams is the best feelings in the world, it's suck that we got to hurt people in order to go after our dreams; but if we let them keep us from going after our dreams then what are we supposed to do? Hopefully one day it's will all make sense but the only thing we can worry about is our dreams.
That Is All πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹


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