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Flow Into My Soul: The Perfect Black Tour

On July 30th, I was invited to attend "the perfect black tour". With the starting Houston, Texas rapper "Delorean". But there was another star of the night , and his stage name was Omega Forte.

I have seen this up and coming rapper several times in the past two months, and it's like each time I see him he get better and better each time he touch the stage. He has a flow that you don't hear very often, but when you hear him live or hear his music you won't forget him no matter how hard you try, I promise you that you won't forget Omega Forte. I did a quick interview with him so you can learn alil bit more about him.

What made you want to be a rapper?
1. I didn't choose rap it chose me! Lol! But no, I just grew up listening to a ton of rap. My sister could possibly be the reason since she put me on everything.
Out of all the songs you recorded what is favorite song you made so far?

2. My favorite song to date? It would be "The Life of Me" from my first mixtape "Journey to Success". I touched on some very personal subjects and admitted to some of my biggest mistakes.
What was the moment you knew that you made or you made the right career choice?

3. When I started getting booked for shows and traveling from open mics. If I weren't good, none of that would have happened for me.
Do being a rapper play a big role in your relationships or why you are single?

4. Nah. My last girlfriend was very supportive. She'd come all the way from Missouri to see me perform. I'm single because of personal things between us.
Why do you think hip-hop don't celebrate love & relationships like they used to?

5. It's the media and the labels. They're destroying something that we built. We used to love and respect our women so much but then everyone became a side chick, a bitch, a hoe, and that's really all the media supports.

Could you be with someone who didn't support your career?

6. I don't think I could. I'd support whatever she does, even if I didn't like it. Mostly because SHE loves doing it. It's not always about her or myself.
Would you hide your relationships for your career or to protect it?

7. Definitely. This goes back to the media. They have so much power and they choose to glorify the negative shit for ratings.
If you could change the route you took so far what would you change?

8. I would've never did some of the things I did this year.
Is there any people that you hurt to get to your dream you wish you didn't hurt?

9. Never hurt a single soul to get where I am today. I'm here because of the grace of God/ Universe and hard work.
Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

10. Retiring from the big stage and married with three kids, in my nice shipping container home, on acres of land in the country, near the city somewhere.
With being a rapper what is the most important thing a woman can do support him & his career

11. Just be understanding. She doesn't have to make every show, every meeting, etc. Just know I'm doing this for US and I'm not out there bs'n.

I want to give a very special thank you to Velisa Woods. For this opportunity to cover her whole month of events which, I will post all the pictures from all her events in July in my gallery. For more information on Omega Forte I will post his link in my bio.

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