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Another Again.....

After a while of being apart can make the hearts missed each other. Some can't forgive their actions of what they ex did to them, but some can. And when they do some people can forgive and make the decision to get back together. To you both the love that you share is still there but for family and friends they don't see the love nor do they support your decision. Because of how you were saying that "the relationship was over, and he was a dog". But here are five tips when getting back with your ex.

1. Forgiveness
When you choose to get back together with your ex you really have to forgive him. And I'm not talking about a half ass forgiveness I mean really forgive him you have to let go of everything that he done. I know it's will be hard to do that and if you are not sure nor willing to fully forgive him then their no point of even getting back together again with him. I'm not saying that it's will be easy but if you can't live without him then you have to forgive him.

2. The Talk
Another hard part about rekindling a relationship with an ex is telling your friends and family that you getting back together with him. This talk is worse to have then the Talk with your ex about what you guys been up to while you guys was apart. Your friends and family were there through the whole break up, the phone calls, your tears, everything. They say your pains & they saw the hurt that he causes you. So to them this is hurtful because they were hurting with you and for you, so understand two things that will comes from your decision to getting back with your ex: 1. They going to be mad at you for a while because they feel like you selling yourself short and not trying to move forward with your life but they will eventually forgive you. 2. You can no longer talk shit about your ex with them. I know what you saying right now "if you have true friends then they will be there for you no matter what" yea no that is completely bullshit. You can't cry wolf and expect them to pick up the piece’s every time shit go left with him so either you & him work it out or you two break up.......... again.

3. The Talk part 2
This basically the Talk between you and your bf breaking down everything that you both did while apart from each other. And yes even the people you slept with. And yes, even the really good sex that was better than him. Some say that this talk is unnecessary but every city is small and let be realistic you didn't meet all his friends and he didn't meet of yours because you didn't trust those "hoes" around your man. So have this talk and get it over with because if you two really love each other than you will get passed it again.

4. Make sure
It's sounds good in your head but when finally sit down & think about it you going to asked yourself if you made the right choice to restart a fire that was died down. When you are in love it's can blind you because you really love and care for this person. No one can see what you see, and why you really love this person but YOU can. Even when they hurt you, you still have that soft spot for this person. But just because you care about him don't mean you have to be with him. Some exes are an ex for a reason and sometimes are best to be left alone.

5. Let Go
Now when it's comes to forgiveness you have to let go of the past pains he causes. You can't get mad and throw what he did in the past in his face. If you do that then that mean you never really forgave him. If you truly believe that this man is your soul mate then you have to let go of all the pain he did to you, all the tears, and all of the embarrassment he cause you. This won't be easy but that why I said you got to make sure that this is truly what you want. It's don’t matter how strong the love is if you can't let go. But let’s leave him out of it, you got to let go for you all that anger and all that pain is weighting you down trust me I know it did for me, I was so angry at what he did to me. Because I was his soldier in war whenever he needed me I was there for him because that how much I loved him, and when he left like he did he left a hole in my heart. But I knew for me I have to let go and forgive him for me. you will find out the same thing. Forgiveness and letting go is not about getting back together again with an ex, it's about healing for you and if really trying to heal you have to let go and forgive him for what he done. Your friends and family might hate that but this is for you and your well-being.

Going for another again with a past love is hard. Some say it’s a bad choice, but some don’t understand the truth of you guy’s relationship. They weren’t there you was and you didn’t share everything that he done to you or all the problems of the relationship you kept that to yourself because that how much you love that person. But some fire is best left alone its best to let a fire die because of what it did to you while you were there. A flame feels good until you standing there alone. Those memories will always be there, but so will that pain. So asked yourself this when thinking of getting back with an ex, do you want to be free of the past or do you want to stand in a burning room alone?.........

That Is All


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