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A Package Deal

As we continue our quest for love we know there are some rules we made we can now break. One of the biggest rules we tend to make and break is dating a man with children. At 21 you couldn't pay me to take a man with a child, but now at 26 I look at a man with a child as a package deal and as long as the child is under 2 then I can date him because the child at that age where they will forget about you if the relationship doesn’t work out and it’s at a fair age where the child is willing to give you a chance. but there are five rules that come in play when dating a man with a child.

1.Your Place
When dating a man with a child or children, you got to know your place. Because one that is not your child so going off on that child and putting your hand on that child is a huge hell no. I'm not saying to let the child disrespect you but if the child is under 3 or 4 what do that child really knows about respect? that should be left up to the parents not you, so keep your hands and some …

No emotions, Just sex

After a month of crying and crying to your friends you decide to you are also tired of crying so you choose that you are ready for a quick fix AKA the fuck buddy it's be shown that 6 out of 10 women have a fuck buddy relationship in their lifetime. I had one, and it's was my most successful relationship with a man.

A fuck buddy is a man you see only when you horny or when you just got out of a rocky relationship, or when you two are on a break. You want to try a relationship with your fuck buddy because he there when you need him,and always a phone call away. But you both know that it's best that you don't cross that water some women can have a fuck buddy relationship with no emotional connection at all with the man (so they say), but most women try and quickly find out that easily said than done to cut off your feelings during sex.

The thing about a fuck buddy relationship is that you get comfortable with him because their is no fuss, no bullshit and no problems so to y…

Drake Speech To Rihanna At The VMA Is A Relationship Lesson.

Last night VMA was the best they had in a long time. Now why everyone that agree with me think that BeyoncĂ© stole the show and made everyone look bad, the other highlight of the night was Drake speech to Rihanna when she awarded the Michael Jackson video vanguardaward. He went on to confess that he has been in love with Rihanna since he was 22. Now around that time we all know that Rihanna was still heavily in love with Chris brown. Which cause the beef between Drake and Chris brown.

But the reason why I say this is a relationship lesson is because the timing of it all. Look we are no fool we all know that Drake has not been in love with Rihanna since he was 22, he was out there sleeping around with other women. We all know about Nicki Minaj, and Serena Williams. And same goes for Rihanna, she has to let go of her feelings for Chris brown and she had to go out and have her fun as well in order for her to be ready for what she and drake have now.

They are at a place where whatever they h…

The Next Chapter

When we hit our mid-20 our mindset changes, what used to be fun no longer fun to us, and what we used to be ok with is no longer ok. We are at the stage where we got to make changes to not only better our lives but our children lives as well. But what are the top 5 things that changes once you past 25 well here they are.

1. Going out
When you're 18 to 25 going out every weekend was a must do, now your friends are lucky to catch you awake on a weekend. When you get older going out don't seem as fun as its used to be. You whether be at home chillin out, or going to a movie. If you do go out, clubs are the last place you want to go. The music is too new and loud for you, and you too old to be fighting over a dude that you just bump into and said hey. Clubs are fun when you're younger but you get older a nice poetry reading or live local show is more your crowd.

2. Your friends
When you're younger in your mind you can't live without your friends. You think you need them …

Red Light

One of the true relationship advice I will always believe in is "when a guy into you he will show you". And that is the real, sometimes we can like a man so much that we missed the signs that he just not into us. But what are the signs? Now all signs are different but when, but here are the top 5 signs small signals that shows he just not into you.
1. You call and text first
Now sometimes this isn't a problem we should be able to send a quick text to let him know that he is on your mind. But if you first to text "good morning" and first to text "good night" then that a problem. He should show you that he interests in you, he went through all that trouble to get your number just not to text nor call you. If a guy into you he will make time to call you and text you, if he not willing to something as simple text you "good morning" or just text to say hey then he not into you.
2. His social media
Following a guy you like on his social media accoun…

Sexually High

The thing about a sex haze, it’s can blind you and you can’t see how wrong a person can be for you when the sex is good, and no one knows that better than me.
When I went through the ending of my last situation ship I couldn’t deal with it alone anymore. I got tired of crying and my friends got tired of me crying, and me being sad over a man they felt like didn’t give a fuck about me in the first place. So tired of crying to my friends I did what I do best when in that situation I went looking for a quick fix and three weeks later I met D.G...

He was nothing like wise. But that what I needed and the sex was amazing always left me wanting more after we hooked up. And that what I needed to take my mind off of wise, my heart and soul was with wise but my body and head wasn’t. but as great as the sex was so was D.G. problems.

I was used to talking to guys with problems but D.G. took the cake. But his problems weren’t my problems, he was my haze from my broken heart. And that what I need,…

Amore Advice

It's scary telling people your fears about relationship and love. It's something that we learn to keep to ourseleves so we won't get judge. Well not anymore I have so many supporters who are looking for answers on love and relationship so let me help you with that 'Amoreunscripted' now is doing 'amore hour' so email me at and write your stories. I want to hear from you guys share with me.

That Is All

Another Again.....

After a while of being apart can make the hearts missed each other. Some can't forgive their actions of what they ex did to them, but some can. And when they do some people can forgive and make the decision to get back together. To you both the love that you share is still there but for family and friends they don't see the love nor do they support your decision. Because of how you were saying that "the relationship was over, and he was a dog". But here are five tips when getting back with your ex.

1. Forgiveness
When you choose to get back together with your ex you really have to forgive him. And I'm not talking about a half ass forgiveness I mean really forgive him you have to let go of everything that he done. I know it's will be hard to do that and if you are not sure nor willing to fully forgive him then their no point of even getting back together again with him. I'm not saying that it's will be easy but if you can't live without him then you…

Love Letters From Racine:An Obstacle to Black Relationships.

When racine speaks for a deep reason I listen. To be so young he has more knowledge then people that are older then him. This piece he wrote do share a problem that go on alot in not only in relationships but the whole black commuity. I hope you all can learn from this piece like I did.

An Obstacle to Black Relationships.
…and of course, I’m no expert. I just speak on perspectives I observe. I’ve seen that our
upbringings over recent decades are the reasons why our relationships face obstacles, you know?
I’ve noticed that as fathers left the homes, single mothers began raising their children differently.
Our boys were loved and our girls were raised. I don’t think it was intentional; or even
conscious. I think it was more subconscious based on the pains of the mothers caused by the
actions and absence of the fathers. The mothers feeling as if it was something they could have
done better to make the father stay while the father moves on to other women; raising children
that aren’t his…

Flow Into My Soul: The Perfect Black Tour

On July 30th, I was invited to attend "the perfect black tour". With the starting Houston, Texas rapper "Delorean". But there was another star of the night , and his stage name was Omega Forte.

I have seen this up and coming rapper several times in the past two months, and it's like each time I see him he get better and better each time he touch the stage. He has a flow that you don't hear very often, but when you hear him live or hear his music you won't forget him no matter how hard you try, I promise you that you won't forget Omega Forte. I did a quick interview with him so you can learn alil bit more about him.

What made you want to be a rapper? 1. I didn't choose rap it chose me! Lol! But no, I just grew up listening to a ton of rap. My sister could possibly be the reason since she put me on everything. Out of all the songs you recorded what is favorite song you made so far?
2. My favorite song to date? It would be "The Life of Me" fr…